Living Life & Loving It

Question For My Readers! #1

After I made the post last night I started thinking:

“I wonder if they are more day time readers or night time readers?”

Soooooo, When do Ü prefer to read these things? Or does it not even matter as long as I keep em coming daily? I want to make sure those that actually read my thoughts have 1st access to them…kinda creepy but still…

It’s Friday Bitches!




At this point, I have been without MY computer for two months shy of a year. Never thought I would be as dependent on it as I am. It kinda sucks not being able to access the thousands of pictures I’ve taken or hundreds of songs I’ve recorded (mine & others). Not being able to record new music whenever I feel like it has been depressing in many different ways. I have not “made a beat” in what seems to be eons. i was working on video production & eventually making a smooth transition into making short mini movies (I don’t even watch movies though).  It’s sad…I feel like I was accomplishing something…

Good thing I stole this laptop! I would be have the hardest of times trying to communicate these thoughts to Ü!



I promise…for me, it’s harder to get started AND THEN continue (consistency) than just getting started. Lost it all after tryna watch that fight on Saturday…which didn’t even happen! I just wanted to see Broner get his ass beat, but this computer that I kinda stole from my last gig is barely good enough for what I’m doing with it…shouldn’t have tried to watch that fight for free on a Chromebook…



The Love Of A Dollar

A thought popped into my mind…

People will put up with a LOT of things in the name of a dollar bill. Watch Fear Factor or even the person who is losing on Jeopardy, they go through the torment till the end don’t they?

My infatuation with money is flighty at best. I love what it provides (luxury), but I am not too pressed to acquire mass amounts of it. I would much rather knock the dust off my coloring book than work on a Sunday. Too bad making music isn’t free.

In the end, its just paper!
Paper with dead people in our pockets.
Unless Ü like plastic?

Either way, it could never Love me the way that I could it…
So fuck it!


Its just paper

Cold Hearted

This video couldn’t have been more on time.

To be brief, I have never experienced what I am currently. This is leading me with a few major choices to make. The words in the song hold a deeper meaning now than when I 1st penned them…

“I think my heart is cold from all the ice that it pumps, so when I speaking from the heart, I might give Ü some goosebumps.”


Preparation & Perspiration

The last month was about as productive as I have been in a few years. 3 shows, traveled to two states, all while releasing a mixtape, a single & acquiring a passport….which should be in the mail soon…

I have been trying to get into the habit of being habitually grand!!! From the way that I wake up, the things that happen right after that and even the things right before I sleep. I had NO ideal of the responsibilities that came along with becoming a grand individual. I wouldn’t change them for anything….

…but DAYUM!!!

And the Summer of Kings continues….