Sketches vol.1 (Track List)

For many reasons, although I want the physical release to have a bonus track, this release will only have 5 songs. The songs for this projects were NOT created with the intent of compiling them together. Each song has a certain story about its creation that makes the overall package special.

Below is the OFFICIAL track list for “Sketches vol.1”:

1.) “Phaze 2” – producer Fury

2.) “Repeat” – producer Bonez On Da Beat

3.) “G’z Don’t Dance” – producer That Kid Beaze

4.) “Recorded Revolution” – producer Bonez On Da Beat

5.) “Gangsta 2 Da Core” – producer Flaw of The Olympicks

Each song has a story that I feel is unique. I will explain as much as possible about each track moving forward. Also, I hope Ü have enjoyed the artwork for this project as well!