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Moving Forward

I do a lot…

Sometimes, I do SO much that it’s almost as if I didn’t do anything at all.
Other times, I try an force my presence, upon nouns of all types, with no gain either way.

Look back at the “summer” and how well it went, I can say that I have allowed a few life inconveniences to hold me back from reach a level of my true potential. I have also been a MAJOR cause in letting this happen. I am the only one who has the power to do things in this body. My actions are of my own, no matter the outside influence.

Moving forward, I feel I need to go back…WAY back!

I am not sure where Ü might have came across this blog, but I have been writing for a decade or more on the internet. My very 1st writings are being turned into a book in the near future. I feel they need to have a fresh pair of eyes but in a different format.

I want to mold this blog to become a bit more like that one. By posting on the 1st & 15th, I will be able to update the readers with both aspects of the beautiful struggle called Life. I also want to get back into having quotes that accompany the message and vibe of my current feelings.

Also, I do want to make sure my social medias are in sync with the things contained within these post-es. Not sure how yet, but I’m sure it will flow together somehow. I do welcome follows and comments and everything I say. I will be saying some forcefully thought provoking topics in the near future and I would like to know the thoughts of others.

Maybe I could be wrong about something for a change?

Finally, I tend to be a “keep to myself” kind of person. I catch a LOT of flack for that considering I’m in “The Industry“…but I don’t give a [redacted]! But I need to start trying to do so. So I’ll start…

I know eventually I will post more than twice a month, but this is the 1st for the month of borndates. Ill keep ya’ll posted more when that time comes. Until then, thank Ü for reading to this point! It’s greatly appreciated, always!




Cash Flow Creation

A while ago I was reading a book called Rich Dad/Poor Dad and came across concept of “Cash Flow”. It is one thing to have a source of “Income”, but “Cash Flow” is something different. If I may try to explain in my own words:

Cash flow is having access to a stream of revenue that is independent of your jobs pay check.

Im not talking about a “side hustle” or something like that either. Im speaking on a full term, couple hundred dollar, weekly or DAILY source of income. I have been studying the basics surrounding the concept of cash flow but I have yet to obtain a RELIABLE source of my own. Granted, I do have a few investments that allow me a certain freedom that I know most don’t have, I still have a long way to go before I have the type of cash flow that can replace my 9-5.

The objective is to define what I truly want to experience from an enhanced stream of income. I know that having MORE entitles to have more of a responsibility both financially and emotionally and that is something I have been preparing for. Placing myself in a bubble of knowledge seems to be the best way to see the results that I strive for but learning and executing are two different applications that I have been coming to understand more clearly lately.

Working on the application process, the ACTION, is what I have been lacking most. If Ü read my last blog, Ü can understand why I have had a hard time executing a few projects I created. Having too many irons in the fire is almost as bad as not having enough. Balance is key! I have been working on this balance thing. That is a serious issue in my life. That why I named my next music project #Unbalanced. I’m a Libra, Im supposed to have this shyt figured out!

As summer quickly approaches, I would love to refine the terms I sit my square firm upon. I need to create a culture that people can relate with. I also will be cultivating a code of conduct that I will be known by. If people can hear my name, see my logos, or engage with me and the products I create, they will KNOW what to expect of me. Creating a type of “product recognition” with my name & brands. Even when it come to the brands I use, I want the same type of feelings and thought processes behind my every action. Building muscle memory with my created cash flow options is currently key!

The hustle never stops! Even if I did decide to slow down (which I have), the game won’t wait for me! Sharpening the tools of trade will be the best way to stay ahead of the career curve. Trust me when I tell Ü these words are coming from a well learned experience! Im trying to figure out how to make EVERY move made the most powerful that they could be. Maybe this might morph into something else completely? I just know I have to continue to create the why I have been and maybe even more so! The grit don’t quit!



When Someone Ü Love Dies

The summer of 2015 was an emotional roller coaster, no brakes. I lost a cousin to street violence in Michigan. I won’t sugar coat anything involved in the situation, yet, he was murdered. His siblings lost a brother, his mother and father lost a son. He is remembered my many friends, cousins and a fiancé.

Less than a week before the date of my birth, my uncle had a heart attack and died. I last saw him at my cousins funeral. I unfortunately could not attend the funeral due to lack of funds and a horrid work schedule. That is what has effected me the most, truly.

Depression is REAL! I could only image what could have happened if I did not have my loved ones around me keeping me level. Even now, I am having trouble staying a float. I have recently lost my job and funding for a lot of my projects…

I have not lost hope though…

This marks the return of my fire.
My internal flame has been ignited once again.
Even though things are changing rapidly, my heart still cries.

Life goes on and makes one become strong.




The Crown

I have approached this Summer a bit differently than the last…as it should always be! This year had me watching the sun rise on the beach of Lake Tahoe, almost rear ending a car under a bridge in San Francisco, drinking a 5th of Hennessy  in the middle of Lake Folsom in Sacramento, playing ON a set of Dominoes while in a park, watching weed grow (its an exciting process!!! I Fux Wit The Shytz!!!), watching a episode of COPS get filmed in front of my face, getting cussed out by the non Anglish speaking person sitting in the middle of the road at 4am & sooooo many other things…

I could make a list that would compromise this entire blog!!!
Saying “I had fun” would be like slapping me in the face…

And even then…it is not even all about ME.

During my escapades of interstate traveling, I had conversations with like minded people. Even people who were NOT like minded…but more so , convinced with conviction of their positions of entitlement. People with a purpose. People with goals AND plans to achieve them. People who (like me) are willing to carve their names on the face of Mother Earth…tribal style of course.

I said that to say this:

I am NOT the only one who has a mission to achieve on this planet.
I AM one of the FEW who knows the value of strength in numbers.
I will be a teacher & a leader before I become a conformist & follow.

I do not wear my proverbial crown year round…so when the Summer ends…I usually take it off…and let the rest of The Royal Family run about & enjoy the throne.

My reasoning…???


Being a King is easy when Ü know there is a WAR going on that Ü do not have to participate in.
I am a hands on type of individual. I also believe that I connect with people better when I am with them under the same circumstances. One can’t ALWAYS give orders and not be willing to takes orders as well. There should be a balance…being a Libra, its only right I take of my crown at the end of the Summer.

And even without the weight of the crown…I still hold my position…



Turmoil of The Artist

I have been through a few things in the last 12 months…

Im STILL going through shyt…


Since around like…March of last year…a part of me has been taken & twisted…
Thats around the time I found out my cousin was diagnosed with cancer. Since THAT day, I was changed…

I wrote a song for HER to listen to…
I wanted her to hear ME speak directly to her…

She listened to my words of comfort & support and then passed on on Thanksgiving of 2012. 

The strange thing is that I have been performing the song since last summer to grand reception. People TRULY understand where Im coming from with my words. I guess the message is getting across to those who listen…everyone except me!

As a person who LOVES music, I can appreciate the type of song I created. 
As a person who CREATES music…I can’t help but feel like I can make the song better…

As strange as it may sound…I honestly do not like the way the song I created SOUNDS. I feel there are things about the song I could & should change in order to make it more CLEAR & understandable. But at the same time…I didn’t really write the song for Ü to enjoy in that way…I wrote it FROM THE HEART to my cousin. 

She actually heard it the way I wanted it to be heard…thats really all that matters to ME! But as an ARTIST, people will ALWAYS be quick to critique the art I create. Which is where I currently find myself…

Should I recreate this song for the mass appeal or leave it as it is in loving memory???

The choice seems easy don’t it?



A Kings Dominion

I recently have came back into America from Toronto, Canada. I missed the Caribana this year, I will be sure that next Summer will be more on point!!!! 

This passport has opened up more land for me to travel & explore…the only problem is making sure, whenever I leave the country, the people that I leave behind are safe & secure. Judging from the constant phone calls, text messages, tweets, I think I received a telepathic message…yea…people worry about The Young Man while I walk out the door. 

If they only knew how save I am…respect goes a long way…some further than others…

Before Canada, I went to Michigan to handle some Interstate business face to face & see family. I can say that even though I did not have a car, I had a ride anywhere I wanted to be. I am not going to brag on the luxuries that I had, but I saved a lot of money by sleep on couches as opposed to hotels…

The constant phone calls….

I had a cousin, whose house I stayed over, tell me that because I was in his crib, it was one of the busiest days he has ever had. That is reassurance that I am not a lazy as I have thought myself to be. Even in my idleness, I maintain a certain energy around me that causes movement!!! 

I like that…

Due to the conversation & actions with the people that I met (& even those that I did not even see at all) I have came to the conclusion that my focus has been on the wrong things. My thoughts have not been matching my actions. I have even came to the point of trying new ways of tackling old issues. I am fully under the impression of how much need there is for someone other than me…

But I’ll speak about next time…


Attacks on the Kingdom

Becoming more aware of what has been surrounding me has become the biggest responsibility I believe I have ever witnessed. I do not like to speak or even THINK certain things into exsistance, I feel I have that much power THAT much power…

Maybe more!

I am literally watching reality fold over on itself. The thoughts of those around me as helping that reality become more true. I am being suffocated…slowly…

The summer is actually beginning to take a toll on my impatient mind. The days are blending together in a cycle that is bigger than I have thought, but not one that I can not comprehend. 

I need a release…a few of them!!! Sex is a trap that just might get me emotionally caught up with someone I have no favor in.  But even so, what a beautiful release it could be!

My mind has wandered into places that I  had slight interest in a few years ago. I have begun to understand MY personal place in this cycle that we reside in called LIFE. Even as I type these word, I feel that the impact will not be felt. 

As the encroaching war looms over the horizon.
I understand that there will be casualties
Some I will never be able to prepare myself for….
Others will serve to remind me of what EYE fight for & believe

Nothing will be in vain.


Preparation & Perspiration

The last month was about as productive as I have been in a few years. 3 shows, traveled to two states, all while releasing a mixtape, a single & acquiring a passport….which should be in the mail soon…

I have been trying to get into the habit of being habitually grand!!! From the way that I wake up, the things that happen right after that and even the things right before I sleep. I had NO ideal of the responsibilities that came along with becoming a grand individual. I wouldn’t change them for anything….

…but DAYUM!!!

And the Summer of Kings continues….


Summer of Kings 2012

On the 1st day of Summer in 2009 I claimed it as one for The Kings. This is the 3rd year that I have done this. What started as a way to separate myself from those that claim to be what I Am, turned into the definition of my generations (as of yet reached) pinnacle. 

I have not written a blog during The Summer of Kings ever…so I guess this is grand time for those that are  able to read this as it is delivered!!!!

Reason why?

Ü have a chance to read what I am about & watch it take place without ever having to meet me in person. The actual emotional ride will take place before your eyes as Ü read the words. And my experiences might intermingle with things that even Ü may have experienced in the past. 

Im quite proud of what it has turned out to become as of current!!! The future is untold until I write it down…I would like for Ü to follow me on the #TwitShyt  (@NUKnoE) for the “play by play”, but it’s honestly not even that serious…all I do is talk shyt on that thang….


But alas, I must bid the Royals ado…


NÜK Image

Taking A Break

I find it hard to sit down & do NOTHING.
Its just not me… 

So for the next month or so ( after my performance on the 29th) I will be attempting to “Take A Break”. I don’t want anything to do with anything I have been doing unless it REQUIRES my attention.

I recently had a show in Pittsburgh and then IMMEDIATELY after I got off the stage I drove to Cleveland. Didnt arrive till like 330am. when I woke up (8am) to do yard work in the sun…this white guy comes over and introduces himself to me. We sitting there speaking about the house & the block & then he starts telling me drunk stories about Christmas Trees & Roofing and shyt of that nature. 

Out of NOWHERE dude shows me a picture of Coolio!!! Who he says is still doing shows at festivals and whatnot. Then I had no choice to tell him that I was in the industry. Then the conversation turned “business” as we both gave oral resumes to each other, come to find out…dude throws festivals for the fuck of it & had been doing so for a while. 

There was a point during all of this where he told me that he is taxidermist & he was putting together  a deer in his garage…

When THAT happened, I was trying to break conversation with dude!!!

But he wouldn’t allow it!!! So we continued to speak…in the SUN!!! He then invites me to a bon fire later that night….”Its a text message party that we do about once a month…”


Long story short, I have been working on “have a grand summer” for about a year and a half now, musically speaking. I think its about time that I actually DO IT. I owe it to myself. I have completed an EP, recently dropped a mixtape, I have been writing a few singles for a “Summer Release” and by the end of this month I will have performed 3 shows that were “taxing” time on my life. 

I just want to clear my mind for a short while & see something other than what I have been….do something…different….change a lil bit….