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#MusicMonday Block Talk feat @SaviorFS prod. by @BonezOnDaBeat

This song is dope! Lyrics aside, this song took maybe close to a decade to be in the shape that it’s in currently. If Ü were to ask me this song is incomplete in a few different ways, so I’m happy Ü never asked!

Right off the jump, Ü might notice the sample of Young Dro’s “Shoulder Lean” during the hook. I do remember the song being popular around the time this track was produced by my cousin Bonez. Regardless, the beat is super dope! I used to listen to it forever but never came up with anything solid to lay on top of the instrumental. If my cousin sold it to someone else, I’ll never know, but I held on to it since the day he gave it to me (or I stole it).

Flash forward to the summer of 2013.

I had intention to move to Los Angels with my OTHER producer cousin, Primo Imani, way back in December/November of 2012. He ended up in Sacramento with his aunt by the time summer came around so I went out there instead. When I got there I brought my Mac Mini to finish mixing my latest project “Sketches Vol.2: #Unbalanced“. I also had a hard drive with the “Young Dro sample beat” on it. Enter my cousins husband Savior.

Without saying TOO much about who this guy is and WHY it’s so dope to get him on a vocal recording of any kind, I low-key convinced my cousins husband to jump this beat. It was something that just came up with I started clicking tracks while we was free-styling. We spent more time trying to figure out how to transfer the mp3 to his studio so we could lay it down that we actually spent writing AND recording the song. After like an hour, we went to get whatever food his wife cooked while we was bullshytin’ with our lives.

When I left California headed to Michigan for a wedding, the song only had our verses. I had sent a bird out to a few different people to see if they want the middle verse. Only one person actually sent me a verse, but it was time sensitive and self destructed before I got the chance to adhere it to the unfinished track. And now that Im sitting here thing about it, I don’t even believe the song was finished that year. I eventually had to call Savior and let him know I needed the raw .WAV files so I could finish mixing the song. I had to cut the 3rd verse out of the song (Ü can’t even tell I did that) and come up with a hook to fill the empty space. Thus, “Block Talk” was born!

Any questions?


So I Was Like…

I need to get my life right!!!

Setting grand habits is a difficult task! Even when there is a goal at the end of the tunnel worth all of your stresses and turmoils, going into it may be the hardest thing we could ever do! I am currently experiencing such a mental relapse. It sucks because I am usually this person who has that “focus” and “drive” and “ambition” that people speak of so casually. But the bottom line, if EYE do not feel that is what I AM…there is a problem in Houston! Or in another city…


The point I am trying to get through with THIS post???

I need to stop acting like I am NOT as GRAND of an individual that I AM!!! And I feel that there are people that will read this post who need that SAME message and reassurance!!! The sad thing of all this??? I do not take the time to BE what I could become. This is something I will be working on as soon as possible!!!

This is not some type of fluff or self help shyt I read in a book. I truly feel that the possibilities of changing a persons life ( even my own ) can be accomplished by me cataloging my very own movements around this planet. I have “Ben Duin” that already, kinda…but I want to take it to the NEXT level!!!

Like how when Ü first played Mario Bros. and went down the green pipe???
I want to be on some next level shyt with my approach in MY life!!!

I am sure the help that I need will come to me when it is needed…