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Sketches vol.1 (Track List)

For many reasons, although I want the physical release to have a bonus track, this release will only have 5 songs. The songs for this projects were NOT created with the intent of compiling them together. Each song has a certain story about its creation that makes the overall package special.

Below is the OFFICIAL track list for “Sketches vol.1”:

1.) “Phaze 2” – producer Fury

2.) “Repeat” – producer Bonez On Da Beat

3.) “G’z Don’t Dance” – producer That Kid Beaze

4.) “Recorded Revolution” – producer Bonez On Da Beat

5.) “Gangsta 2 Da Core” – producer Flaw of The Olympicks

Each song has a story that I feel is unique. I will explain as much as possible about each track moving forward. Also, I hope Ü have enjoyed the artwork for this project as well!





Sketches vol.1

I was in the middle of recording my FIRST studio album at the age of 18 and after nearly losing my life in a semi truck accident, I was coerced in to moving to Pittsburgh, PA. By the age of 22…I was homeless in unknown surroundings.  Eventually, I was sheltered by a father with ulterior motives and able to regain a musical footing.

The 1st thing I recorded once I got my studio was the 1st draft of “The Highway Chronicles”, a ‘Mixtape’. After a few months of shows and networking, the 2nd project I wrote and recorded was “Sketches vol.1”. My intention with this project was to enter back into “the game” from the ground up with new material. The songs I put together were abstract from the direction I was going with my LP. I had to do something “fresh”…and I hated it!

Being SOOO broke at the time, I relied on my long term musical relationships to supply majority of the instrumentals for the project. Someone I barely even knew gave me the opening song at the most needed of times! I owe it to him to finish the song. Overall, I produced 5 songs from the material I was given ( and stole). I will release a track-listing for the EP in an upcoming post breaking down each song with its own post. I truly want to flesh out the music behind this release. My purpose with this post is to introduce you to the motives behind the music I was producing.

I went from recording in a 3 million dollar studio to a bedroom in a traphouse, without monitoring speakers. Not to mention knowing very little about the process of producing the songs I write. I knew how to RECORD but MIXING was not my area of expertise. Although out of my element, I felt it was a necessary need being able to record my own music, but not knowing what I was doing had the unknown cost in the loss of the musical quality in the musical perfection I seek. Even with that handicap, the experience gave me creative confidence and allowed me to explore a realm of writing I have yet to cross, at the time. “Sketches vol.1” was my 1st attempt at bringing the best out of myself during one thee worst in my young adult life.

Releasing October 19th (Happy Born Date Me [maybe Ü 2?]!), “Sketches vol.1” is the 1st of three projects that I will release from the period that turned me into The Young Man that types to Ü today. I hope some of it finds some place in your musical rotation!

Peace from The Young Man,


Sketches vol1. (front)

The Sketches Project

Musically, I’m not one to release music unless I feel it is Perfect! In that quest for perfection, I tend to ignore my surroundings. Getting lost in a certain train of thought happens so frequently that I tend to forget the reason I embarked on a quest in the 1st place. Although I have in the past, I don’t tend to create “Mixtapes”, (ain’t they CD’s anyway?) mainly because that’s not my lane. I did create an outlet of sorts though.

Enter Sketches:

“Sketches” is a series of EP’s I intend on releasing before a full length LP. Before I release my “Untitled” album, I will be releasing THREE (3) EP’s.

Sketches vol.1

Sketches vol.2: #Unbalanced

Sketches vol.3: Mosaic

The above EP’s will release when they are ready in each case. I want the 1st set of “Sketches” to showcase my climb out of depression. Each EP will describe a certain thought process I had while living under the conditions that will be outline within the music. Each project will have different characteristics that will make it unique in and of itself.

I would like to continue The Sketches Project forward with the release of “Sketches: Collage” after my “Untitled” LP.

One thing at a time until then…


“Only art & music have the power to bring peace.” – Yoko Ono


Moving Forward

I do a lot…

Sometimes, I do SO much that it’s almost as if I didn’t do anything at all.
Other times, I try an force my presence, upon nouns of all types, with no gain either way.

Look back at the “summer” and how well it went, I can say that I have allowed a few life inconveniences to hold me back from reach a level of my true potential. I have also been a MAJOR cause in letting this happen. I am the only one who has the power to do things in this body. My actions are of my own, no matter the outside influence.

Moving forward, I feel I need to go back…WAY back!

I am not sure where Ü might have came across this blog, but I have been writing for a decade or more on the internet. My very 1st writings are being turned into a book in the near future. I feel they need to have a fresh pair of eyes but in a different format.

I want to mold this blog to become a bit more like that one. By posting on the 1st & 15th, I will be able to update the readers with both aspects of the beautiful struggle called Life. I also want to get back into having quotes that accompany the message and vibe of my current feelings.

Also, I do want to make sure my social medias are in sync with the things contained within these post-es. Not sure how yet, but I’m sure it will flow together somehow. I do welcome follows and comments and everything I say. I will be saying some forcefully thought provoking topics in the near future and I would like to know the thoughts of others.

Maybe I could be wrong about something for a change?

Finally, I tend to be a “keep to myself” kind of person. I catch a LOT of flack for that considering I’m in “The Industry“…but I don’t give a [redacted]! But I need to start trying to do so. So I’ll start…

I know eventually I will post more than twice a month, but this is the 1st for the month of borndates. Ill keep ya’ll posted more when that time comes. Until then, thank Ü for reading to this point! It’s greatly appreciated, always!





Lately, I have been finding myself more spaced out on the on the things I SHOULD be doing and not what I am accomplishing. Focusing on what I’m not doing or feel I should be doing is becoming my personal downfall. I could blame a bit of depression on this as well, but that might be a cop out in all honesty.

Being the artist that I am, I can create and move on to the next project with no thought to the last. While some might think that to be great, I tend to create like the corpse flower. Even then, I don’t formally release the material…especially when I feel it is not up to par to a standard that I don’t even believe matters to people. Kinda like Prince and his Vault, I have music and writings from 2002 that I have yet to release. Not that I even feel those songs need to be released.

I mean…

Who would want to listen to how I USED to be? Those song are who I WAS, not who I am currently…I think? There is truly only one way to find out! But before that, I need to get over a few personal hurdles.


sm_2011_05_05-old black man in a derby-001

Matters of Transparency

I have grown up and matured a lot since I almost lost my life. One thing is for sure, I have become more mental in my actions every since. I tend to plan far ahead then make my actions towards those goals. Life happens often, plans change periodically, but the finish line is always the same. And even then, Ill start another “race” after that one is completed.

The issue that I have been finding is that, for what EVER reason, there are people who have this HYPER grand perception of what Im actually doing to survive on a day to day basis. The choices I make to make things happen. The struggle is real y’all and don’t make me lay my cards down & pull a few others to make a point. We all struggle walking this planet in one way or another, the difference is how we handle our pain.

I don’t tend to talk about my struggle much…but Im beginning to feel that I NEED to say something. So I will. Not today though…



Return of the Kings

Greetings to those reading at whatever moment in time!

I literally killed most of my online interaction almost a month ago trying to focus my mind on my tasks for the summer and beyond. Even with this post, I am still falling behind with things that I have done i the past. I would like to try something different though this year.

The Summer of Kings is something I started back in 2009 (or close to it) that allows me to step on my soapbox and respectfully (or not) voice my opinion. I usually start from  June 21st up until September 21st. Over the last few years though, I have not held up my end of the stick and have dropped the ball on a few occasions. This year, I want to do things differently.

Unlike past years, I want to bring these writings a bit closer to home. I don’t want to spotlight people that may already have a limelight type glow. I also want to shine a light in the darkness I have hidden within my own life, professional and personal. The endgame would be to bring more understanding to why I do what I do, when I do. Ima cool cat but I be stressed beyond my understanding at times. Every King needs a few different advisers right?

Either way, Summer of Kings ’17 is shaping out to be a productive 12 weeks or so. The blog is the guide through it all, but follow me on twitter for the play by play. Facebook is not a place I find myself on a lot, but I be there from time to time. Reach me anyway possible and I get back to ya!




Used The Force NÜK!

I think I be thinking about trying too hard too much.
The best course of action to to just be…me.
Finding it hard to be who I AM, as opposed to who people believe I should be.
There is no goal that I should be reaching for.
The main objective is to be better than I was “yesterday”.
Change is happening…if Ü like it or not!
Why go against the grain?




The Monster

My youngest daughter had a bad dream one night. I walked in the room while it was happening to turn off a light. Honestly not sure how often it happens, but this was a first for me. After I leave the room, she starts screaming MURDER about a monster! My Queen goes to get her…

I lightweight tried to comfort her, but she was too shaken and terrified to be bothered. It was a bad feeling fareal. Confusion on all ends. Told her that I “threw the monster in the trash”, which kinda worked a lil bit. I think she slept with us that night (I need a bigger bed). Flash forward to the next evening as dinner is being prepared. Its funny, but:

My daughter screams: “NOOOOOOO!!!! The monster!!!”
Me: “What’s wrong little girl?”
Her running out the kitchen: “The monster is in the kitchen! It scare me!”

*She jumps on the couch head first into the pillows screaming*

Me, confused: “But you’ve been in the kitchen all this time?”

*She goes back into the kitchen, comes back to me and cries*

“The monster daddy! It scare me!”

SO, I’m getting off the couch, with my daugther behind me, to investigate the monster that has been messing with her these last 24 hours and…I actually SEE it! SHe start to bawl and scream, while poniting on the kicthen table. “The Mosnter Daddy!!!”, as we breach the threshhold. Then I behold, the gorgeously seasoned, uncooked chicken carcass in the roasting pan.

My daughter is hysterical at this moment. So I say, while putting the cover on the pan, what I believe any other father would in this moment:

“Daddy is gonna have Mommy get rid of it! Let’s get out the kitchen…”

SHe eventually went to bed early, shaken by the whole experience I presume. Everything has been fine lately. BUt the message I stress the most? Watch what your child views on the internet. Youtube is fucking crazy!



Lately it seems that I might be burning the candle at both ends. I do not believe that I will “burn out” anytime soon, although I do feel as if I am not doing something correctly. Keeping up with The Jones is real! Not even saying that I want to have certain things or be a part of certain conversation (I refuse to watch Game of Thrones), more so that I am running in a hamster wheel and thinking that is progress.

In order to get the results that I have been striving for, I need to shift my focus a bit. THIS blog was start as a response to Myspace removing my original posting place. I picked the topic “Thoughts of a Conflicted Blackman” as a blanket to cover the topic that occur in MY life. Since the creation, I have evolved into much more than a conflicted individual. I have been learning towards social commentary more, I have touched on global news/politics, and even have posted a few of my fears, stresses, anxieties and much more over the last 5 years…but should I continue¿

Not saying I will quit writing this blog, but I feel as if I should be starting in a new direction. I will always have thoughts of confliction as a black man, but I am SO much more than that! I have a family that a rarely speak of online. I have ambitions as a father that I stress over, I have hobbies other than the music I so immensely enjoy creating (gardening anyone?), I have motivational & inspirational stories of my past that I want to share, I have been working on starting a program for people with low self esteem as well as program for young people who want to make a career in the music industry. All these things do not fit well into this space I have created.

In order to best serve my audience (and myself), I want to know if I should continue writing in this blog. I will always write in it…but the frequency will definitely change and the content will start become more editorial than a “brain spill”. Just gotta ask my audience and see if they are open to the next phaze of development before I go and start a new something, leaving my established grounds unmanaged.

Just a thought I was thinking…

Now my friend, go off and be grandly awesome on this day given to us! I will catch Ü later!

Be Smooth,