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Technology of Today

Listening to podcasts and reading certain tech articles online are maybe the only ways I find out about new technologies. I would like to think that I am a lil bit less than riding the  proverbial technological wave, I truly don’t like having the newest of new shyt that comes out. I used to be scared of being tracked by the government and whatnot…now Im scared of losing my humanity.

I could possibly go on but I think my point is at least out there. I have been having the hardest time deciding if I actually want to have a cell phone for a LONG time. I just don’t like the ideal of THAT much access to communicate with me. I find it sad that people don’t write others letters like 10 years or so ago. Handwriting is becoming a dying art form quickly. My fear is not being able to access certain groups of people due to being “outdated”. Like, trying to get people to listen to my “Mixtape”…


I TRULY had a hard time trying to get people to listen to my CD in 2010…its just not how people access music anymore. Making a “physical” music product is like moving backwards in the music industry. “Physical” copies of certain things are no longer a viable way of “doing it” any more. Not sex, I mean like, people PAY for mobile games that allow Ü to acquire “in game money”, so Ü can purchase in game stuff, right? And if Ü run out on the in game money, Ü can use more REAL money to purchase the fake money and continue to progress further in the game.

Maybe Im missing something?

Maybe we are SUPPOSED to plug shyt into the back of our heads at night so we can “recharge”. Maybe we don’t need to eat food no more. Maybe we can all put a helmet on our heads and play volleyball on Mars in the near future. Maybe…


There are only a few different outcomes:

The Good
The Bad


Maybe something else???




The Monthly Evaluation

Looking back over the things that I have been overtaking lately, I can clearly see that things are progressing in a direction that I deem positive. The most important thing that I see is the things I have done in my past. Not that I tend to live in my past, but more so, I like to observe and learn from the footprints I leave behind.

I wrote a blog earlier this year about Perspective…my perspective to be specific.

I did that basically to put what I am doing/have been going through “on paper”. Seeing those things were like seeing a wall of successes, brick by brick, built with sweat and Time.  I usually reference that blog myself occasionally and lately…it dawned on me:

That perspective I had on Life has changed drastically! So much so that most of what I wrote has come into some type of fruition. During a conversation with one of my aunts a few weeks prior to writing this piece, she stressed to me how important and necessary it is to write down the thoughts and plans on my mind. As much as it has been stressed to me in the past, one would believe that I write EVERYTHING down! I actually can’t stand writing. I don’t even like writing raps on paper…until I copyright them…

I will be writing this “Monthly Evaluation” down though! Maybe not so much a monthly thing and more and “ongoing evaluation process”.  I want to be able to tackle objectives in order of mentalogical order…I made that word up but its ohkay though…

A lot of projects are arriving on a release, reveal, unleash, unveil and all them other words of wonder and refreshment! I will continue to tweak and fine tune all the tools I have in order  to bring the grandest experience possible from my side of the spectrum. Progress is a process and I loving the experiences that come from each day! I will be keeping Ü well informed in whatever way that I know how! So be smooth this weekend and don’t forget to brush you teeth!!!



That Was Fast?!

I know it has not been just me so I’ll ask Ü as well:

Does it seem like Time  is speeding up?

Maybe its just my perception of time that is changing or something? My sisters born date is on the 6th and that just seemed like a few days ago! Its almost as if the WEEKS are all blurring together for me. I have been having a hard time remembering certain details that I KNOW have happened,maybe its the weed (its not)? I do know I have been having wild style type of dreams lately. They consist of a LOT of water usually…I wake up and by the time Im out the bathroom I forget them and that bothers me greatly! Im losing track of way to much time, consciously and unconsciously!!!

I can’t be the only one who is having this type of experience…

The only way I have found to “combat” this feeling of a fleeting future is to plan more diligently into the Unknown and Uncomfortable. Comfortability is where most will find the most difficulty with this new experience. Trying to hold on to the past will guarantee the future running over Ü.

In conclusion, because this was more so an inquisition to the readers than anything, I think something is truly happening with Time!!! I can’t explain it but I can feel it…everybody is experiencing this in one form or another, but Im almost positive that majority of people are not even aware. I could be wrong though!!! So again I ask Ü:

Does it seem like Time is speeding up?



How It Was/How It Is

Growing up happens so fast Ü barely get the chance to enjoy it. I can remember back when I was like 4 years old, thats when I can start to recall certain life altering memories. I remember living in Fairfax, Virginia and I slightly remember seeing the Washington Monument flash a red light at night. I can do believe I got transported in a blanket to Michigan and stayed with my grandma before my sister was born.

If I stick with States instead of Cities, I can make this post a bit short. It went New York in the second grade, Florida for the 3rd, back to Michigan for the 4th & 5th. 6th & 7th grade split between Michigan & Pennsylvania. I was 16 in the 9th grade when I was shipped to Tennessee and dropped out when I was 17 when I moved back to Michigan. I  got my GED at 18 after I dropped out and began driving semi trucks at shortly after my 21st year walking the Earth.

They grow up fast don’t they?

So now that I have a seed of my own, I want to make sure the life I lead is STRICTLY the life that EYE once had. Although that life has shaped me into this AWESÜM ass mothafucka typing on this keyboard, I don’t want to “my past” to have a shaping effect on my present. I truly do not feel that is an issue, but there are a few sharp edges that I need to smooth over. Everybody got them little things that don’t make them 100%! But if Im at a 63%, I don’t wish to make that apex. There is still so many things I would like to do for myself before I can do for others the way I soulfully intend.

Things are moving the way I feel they should! Can’t keep my guard down though…there are somethings that can happen that will make make everuhings move I am striving for irrelevant. Truly, I am currently preparing for the inevitable. I can’t really tell Ü what that may be, but I do know skills are way better than a hand full of dollars. I have came a long way from where I used to be! I am sure that YOU have as well! Continued blessings and clarity!!!


State of The Mental

I want to make this post as clear as possible, mostly for myself. After spending hundreds of HOURS and investing THOUSANDS of dollars (that I don’t have) on “becoming a better me”, I do believe I have figured it out. The truth of the matter is:

I have ALWAYS been a dynamic & incredible individual, but my confidence & self esteem levels have been FUCKED OVER COMPLETELY during this lifetime.

It takes very mature individuals to recognize, understand, and OVERstand how those experiences shape the mind of a human. Definitely not gonna act like Im one of those people! I do have a grand grasp on how I feel the world around me should work though…and it pisses me off and worries me dayum near every day. Knowing I can’t change certain things is a coping tool. That still doesn’t stop me from trying to understand  and even attempting to change things within myself.

Which brings us to the current:

Secrets can not be secrets if there are people who know. Period.

While not trying to elaborate on that thought much, I will say I have never had anything to hide. I am & will continue to be an open book…the one that speaks to Ü n shyt!!! Its just that lately, for me at least, the big picture is becoming more clear and recognizable. Not saying I know EXACTLY whats going on, but all the pieces are coming together to form a storyline. The Truth can only be veiled for a limited of time…like the 99 cent Whopper.

Clarity is the current goal and message I will be striving to push from this point forward. I will not be abandoning the message of Change anytime soon, I just want to focus on becoming more clear with my intentions. Might need to construct a guideline or templet for myself to follow…keep me on track with what I want to achieve…a “map to success” if Ü will!  Ill keep Ü posted on what happens with this new shift in thinking and perception.


people in the information space

social network, communication in the global computer networks. silhouette of a human head with an interface icons.


In the “grand scheme of things”, I do not try to act like Im “in the the know” about certain things/topics. To be perfectly honest, I don’t care about certain types of Popular Culture and tend to stray away from the ripples they cause. I often get made fun of for not watching certain movies or listening to certain albums or watch certain programs on Netflix or major Television Stations. Truly, doesn’t bother me in the slightest…

Not being in the know has its perks if Ü ask me!!! Having a chance to make choices based on what I feel is what I want is a wonderful feeling. I honestly have not bought “name brand” soap since I looked online and figured out how to make it! I just finished making 5 gallons of liquid laundry soap…coast me less than a dollar after the initial 12 dollars for a bucket and the 4 ingredients in bulk. The toothpaste I make tastes, looks and  cleans my teeth just like the toothpaste I used to spend 4 dollars a tube on. I wish I could do something else in this fashion…Ill figure it out later though…

When I tell people that I don’t watch TV, they look at me like I kick puppies with my spare time. I do tend to read…a LOT! The things that I place in front of my eyes vary from news articles, info graphs, BOOKS!!!, certain online blogs and I have even read historic documents such as The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of United States of America and Jet Magazine May 11, 1972. I do spend a grand deal doing what I call “wasteful work” on the internet, but for the most part, I keep my nose clean.

One of the grand things that I feel have benefited me by being removed from the “#GroupThink” mindset is being truly shocked at the things I find certain people do in order to continue a certain perception. Not singling out any type of persona or person(s) that might “need” to be shocking in order to standout in the crowd, some of the shyt people do is CRAZY!!! But I can’t stop talking about they dumbass…for whatever reason. It is always good to have your name come out someones mouth, good or bad…I guess. Even then there are those walking this planet with us who follow the trends that are set without questioning them. Like jumping off a bridge because your friends are doing it, at least that is how I view it.

Just an observation about MYSELF more than anything. Realizing that I am trying not to be a part of the craziness that is oh so prevalent has been a grand mental weight relief. Keeping up with The Jones’ (or The Combs’ in that song I heard on the radio) will make sure Ü are living a life that is NOT something Ü can handle. Gotta keep up with your own situations and issues before Ü can keep up with The Kardasians*.

*in my Forest Gump voice*

Thats all I have to say about that….


*I don’t care how they name is spelled.



The Token Tubman

After the story broke wide in April, I started to understand how late in the game I was to the whole “Tubman Twenty” ordeal. This move has promted me to believe that something is wrong with the overall money situation of this country. I  find that there are too many coincidences with the release of these “NEW” bills. It took me a little minute, but I have found some grand information with regards to this bold move.

One thing is for certain, the group who put this woman on the bill truly went out of their way to make sure a Harriet Tubman was made the face of the new note. The most alarming part of the this to me is the timing of it all. Other than President Obama (and I use the reference loosely), since when has this country celebrated ANYTHING “Black”? Especially something that will be traded wollrd wide like the dollar bill? WHY are they TOTALLY redesigning the paper fiat notes in the first place? It doesn’t add up…

I am well aware that the currency of a country tells a lot about its History. I am also aware that money can also make a HUGE statement. What kind of statement are they making with this widely traded note? I would quote a few different things that I have heard from the internet, but the bottom line:

We are headed to a cashless society within the next 10 years.

Even though a LOT of people are excited about the “progress” this country is making, the fact of the matter is that a MAJOR change is occurring in front of our face. I personally feel that the American Dollar is going the way of the Mexican Peso. I could be wrong…Im not an economist or Wall Street stock investor, but my spidey sense is tingling. I will touch on this a bit more over the summer and even further if something else occurs.



When Someone Ü Love Dies

The summer of 2015 was an emotional roller coaster, no brakes. I lost a cousin to street violence in Michigan. I won’t sugar coat anything involved in the situation, yet, he was murdered. His siblings lost a brother, his mother and father lost a son. He is remembered my many friends, cousins and a fiancé.

Less than a week before the date of my birth, my uncle had a heart attack and died. I last saw him at my cousins funeral. I unfortunately could not attend the funeral due to lack of funds and a horrid work schedule. That is what has effected me the most, truly.

Depression is REAL! I could only image what could have happened if I did not have my loved ones around me keeping me level. Even now, I am having trouble staying a float. I have recently lost my job and funding for a lot of my projects…

I have not lost hope though…

This marks the return of my fire.
My internal flame has been ignited once again.
Even though things are changing rapidly, my heart still cries.

Life goes on and makes one become strong.




“Im Back On…” #FRESHHradio

Yesterday afternoon, after the childrens’ were engaged in their active duties, I jumped back on Blog Talk Radio to continue the show I stopped over a year ago. I won’t be having a “show schedule” until next month, so until the 1st of the month, Ill be basically kicking it online for a half hour…might have a guest or two…

…might not…

Either way, Ill be back to bringing the listeners the topics that I can truly speak on! I tend to do a LOT of research about things I find interesting. Im definitely not a sponge for knowledge, Im more like a mop dunked in a bucket of water. I will be speaking on things that make MY brain tick. And if for whatever reason I cannot address a certain topic properly or throughly, I will make sure to invite someone on the show who will deliver the message BEAUTIFULLY!!! Like my friend:

Dr. James Palmer

So, yeah…kinda excited…Im thing about topics for the show as I type this!!! I need to go activate on those things before I forget and make things harder for myself. But before I leave, I want Ü to check out last evenings show and tell me what type of pie Ü like!!!

FRESHH Radio: Like I Never Left! #WhatIBeenOnLately

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Figuring It Out

I sit here writing this with a clear view on where I am.
If Ü follow this blog regularly, it is pretty obvious that I speak of change…often!
Finally, after reaching a clearing in the brush, I can begin to focus on focusing.
Upon this quick breather I am able to…breathe…and appreciate…

The first thoughts that cross my mind are how nothing is where I want to be.
Struggles that have come before me have shaped and prepared me for this.
Even at this point, my certainty is nothing more than a few maybes and what if’s.
Knowing that bit of information is keeping me sane and level headed.

Rolling into a new situation has been a tougher challenge than I thought.
Breaking old habits and letting them go is harder than sperm whales on viagra.
Ahead of me lies the place that I would like to dwell for the rest of this life…
Figuring out how to get there has been a life long journey!

Making sure that I stay there is going to be just as difficult.