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Personally, I feel humanity has a certain drive for “more” ingrained in their DNA. Make a million once, Ynot 2wice? Gotta crawl before we run and that makes us walk! Some people don’t know how to slow down though…

All good AND bad things will eventually come to an end. The point is to NEVER back step on “The Path”, as my man Eli says. Being present in the moment instead of consumed in it has been a personal issue as of late, as well as being consistent in my bussines schedules. Blame that on the survival instinct that kicked my in the ass recently. I was getting 4 rough hours of sleep a day for two weeks at one point.

And here WE stand ( evebody sleep right not but me to be honest ). Promise I have learned SO much about people who I thought were the closest to me in the last 60 days. Truly, it amazes me how many people are still “waiting on me” to make a move…any move! And when I finally did, it didn’t surprise me who showed up when the Bat Signal hit the clouds.

And now, until next post (and ill try not to be as cryptic) I gotta go make these pancakes!



What’s an Artist 2 Do?

Bottom line: Being a starving artist is growing old!

The New Year has fell upon us, as usual, and I am putting all the eggs in a basket for sale. I’ve been a creator for a long time and for whatever reason, I feel…ashamed (?) to seek money for my work. I would rather be a hoarder of my music than to sell my work for profit. And even if I do sell something, I don’t make it be known that something is available (marketing). SO!

Can I whore my music without negating my audience? Does MY audience resonate with me enough to understand my starvation..? Maybe I am relying too much on my artistry and not enough on my Hustle? Maybe Im thinking too much about it? Maybe Im doing TOO much thinking and not enough action?

I guesss there is only one thing to do…



Me and The Queen got married and officially solidified our union on Tuesday at 7PM.
3:36AM I was informed my grandmother passed away…while I was driving a semi truck.

. . .

I’m in a good place – I’m not sure about everyone else beside a few.
As a matter of fact, this will be the only time I speak of this on the internet.
For whatever reason, I felt this needed to be posted…
Don’t even know what to say.

So – for the readers of this post, I appreciate your time for reading!
I’m ok…just in a weird place…but ohkay…

. . .

I made a song for my grandmothers available for free on our website. It has 1926 downloads…seeing as how that is the year she was born. I learned a LOT from that woman. Hopefully I will be able to share some of those things with you.

For now, just live life ya’ll…



“Don’t forget to pray baby.” – Mini Lewis

Granma's Love
Art by Shellie Ward

The Monster

My youngest daughter had a bad dream one night. I walked in the room while it was happening to turn off a light. Honestly not sure how often it happens, but this was a first for me. After I leave the room, she starts screaming MURDER about a monster! My Queen goes to get her…

I lightweight tried to comfort her, but she was too shaken and terrified to be bothered. It was a bad feeling fareal. Confusion on all ends. Told her that I “threw the monster in the trash”, which kinda worked a lil bit. I think she slept with us that night (I need a bigger bed). Flash forward to the next evening as dinner is being prepared. Its funny, but:

My daughter screams: “NOOOOOOO!!!! The monster!!!”
Me: “What’s wrong little girl?”
Her running out the kitchen: “The monster is in the kitchen! It scare me!”

*She jumps on the couch head first into the pillows screaming*

Me, confused: “But you’ve been in the kitchen all this time?”

*She goes back into the kitchen, comes back to me and cries*

“The monster daddy! It scare me!”

SO, I’m getting off the couch, with my daugther behind me, to investigate the monster that has been messing with her these last 24 hours and…I actually SEE it! SHe start to bawl and scream, while poniting on the kicthen table. “The Mosnter Daddy!!!”, as we breach the threshhold. Then I behold, the gorgeously seasoned, uncooked chicken carcass in the roasting pan.

My daughter is hysterical at this moment. So I say, while putting the cover on the pan, what I believe any other father would in this moment:

“Daddy is gonna have Mommy get rid of it! Let’s get out the kitchen…”

SHe eventually went to bed early, shaken by the whole experience I presume. Everything has been fine lately. BUt the message I stress the most? Watch what your child views on the internet. Youtube is fucking crazy!


Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe

Check out this different variant on #TicTacToe!!!


Math with Bad Drawings

Updated 7/16/2013 – See Original Here

Once at a picnic, I saw mathematicians crowding around the last game I would have expected: Tic-tac-toe.

As you may have discovered yourself, tic-tac-toe is terminally dull. There’s no room for creativity or insight. Good players always tie. Games inevitably go something like this:

But the mathematicians at the picnic played a more sophisticated version. In each square of their tic-tac-toe board, they’d drawn a smaller board:

As I watched, the basic rules emerged quickly.

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The Token Tubman

After the story broke wide in April, I started to understand how late in the game I was to the whole “Tubman Twenty” ordeal. This move has promted me to believe that something is wrong with the overall money situation of this country. I  find that there are too many coincidences with the release of these “NEW” bills. It took me a little minute, but I have found some grand information with regards to this bold move.

One thing is for certain, the group who put this woman on the bill truly went out of their way to make sure a Harriet Tubman was made the face of the new note. The most alarming part of the this to me is the timing of it all. Other than President Obama (and I use the reference loosely), since when has this country celebrated ANYTHING “Black”? Especially something that will be traded wollrd wide like the dollar bill? WHY are they TOTALLY redesigning the paper fiat notes in the first place? It doesn’t add up…

I am well aware that the currency of a country tells a lot about its History. I am also aware that money can also make a HUGE statement. What kind of statement are they making with this widely traded note? I would quote a few different things that I have heard from the internet, but the bottom line:

We are headed to a cashless society within the next 10 years.

Even though a LOT of people are excited about the “progress” this country is making, the fact of the matter is that a MAJOR change is occurring in front of our face. I personally feel that the American Dollar is going the way of the Mexican Peso. I could be wrong…Im not an economist or Wall Street stock investor, but my spidey sense is tingling. I will touch on this a bit more over the summer and even further if something else occurs.



Things On My Mind

To be perfectly honest…

The thoughts that have been on my mental lately can be best described as chaotic. The most important thing I have going for me is a strong woman who is willing to put up with my shyt! I have my ups and downs, but the main thing is that the goals and focus’ are not lost during this trying time.

My cousin once told me  a long while ago that we can go through a “hiatus” only to come back stronger on the end. I don’t want to fall on the end being “not up to par” as I once was. There is also the spirt of competition…I honestly am not in the position to take a loss like I was…I WON’T allow anyone or anything stop me thing next time I rise.

With all these thoughts on my mind and in the air surrounding me, I wonder if it would be wise to take a plunge into the unknown. The part of me that has been repressed for quite sometime. I have not been able to spread my wings out of fear they will be clipped! This is a REAL fear that I have embedded within my mental.

My saving grace is that I can peak without showing face…even that too shall come to a halt shortly. I have…truly…no choice in the matter! I want things to be SO perfect!!!! But yeah…we all know how good perfect turns out to be. So, I have to plunge into a situation that I am NOT all too familiar and/or comfortable with. I have given myself a timeline of the end of the month…

Even before then…

I want to start doing something that will give more purpose to what I have done in the past. Im just not sure where to start with that…


Flint First, Your City Next!


The video above is just a brief overview of the current crisis in Flint, Michigan. My heart goes out to those people who have to walk miles to get a few gallons of water for the day, each and every day. My soul screams for those that have had to drink this shyt for FAR too long. There is just SO much wrong with this situation on SO many different levels.

If Ü have been following this story for any amount of time, the main focal point is that this is happening to poor people in Michigan, which the rich folks are drinking filtered glacier water. Since this has been happening for the past TWO YEARS, it should be noted that Lead Poisoning is TRAGIC! Every since our daughter came into the world, we have had all types of test n shyt about protecting this child…the lead test is one of them. We had leaded paint in this old ass early 1900 house. However, that is NOWHERE as bas as drinking leaded water.

I just wanted to write this so that those in my personal reach of influence would could get my take on what is going to be one of Americas grandest tragedies of this decade. I will be pledging some type of assistance to the cause. Not just because I am from Michigan and feel I need to help my soil land fam bam, more so because this could be happening where I live and I would pray that someone would be able to do the same.



The State of Confusion

So many things happening right now…

It all started on Myspace, believe it or not. I remember it was, of all people, rapper Xzibit that got me to start blogging. I used to read his blog and KNEW that I could do the same thing…and I did. By the end of my Myspace days I had a GRAND following. I used to post twice a month on the 1st and the 15th. The blog on the 1st was about what I was going through at that moment in Life. The blog on the 15th was about what I was going through Musically. I held NOTHING back and kept my writings as raw as they came to me.

And then I forgot my password…

I have had a few different blogs since, but it was hard to integrate those sites with the other site I was using. Myspace was like THEE all purpose site! I didn’t stop writing though, I wrote like two different books in my internet hiatus. But once I found WordPress, I started to feel comfortable sharing my thoughts with myself on the internet again. Even though it has been sporadic, I have tried to maintain somewhat of a consistent posting rate. But I have said it in past writings that I have been holding a LOT of things back out of a…fear (?) of putting those things on the inter webs.

So I don’t know when to post anymore, basically…

It seems like Im all over the place these days. Life imitates art or art imitates life? I have been cleaning up my personal life lately though. It has brought a LOT more clarity than I have felt in a long time. Once I feel that I have gotten to a point that I can see clearly, I become clouded and diluted in one way or another. One thing that I know I want to do is be more consistent with these posts. I intend to do so over the next few weeks. I have actually given my self a goal and plan to work towards. Sharing what I plan on doing is key to actualizing it. Over the course of these next few weeks, I will be detailing parts of what I plan on doing. This post is the beginning of this plan! I will make it a point to return to the place I started. I will return to posting on the 1st and 15th. I WILL make those two dates work!

As for the rest of the days in-between?


I’ll let Ü know when I figure that out!


And Then I Woke Up

I have been in a state of sickness for the past 12 days. I took some “medication” last night and ended up getting some type of stomach thing.  As I type these words, I am in a state of physical pain and discomfort. Even though I feel like death currently, this too shall pass.

In this state, I have been having some of the most interesting dreams. At times, these dreams seem to bend the fabric of my reality. I usually have vivid dreams that I KNOW have some type of significance, I just don’t know how to translate these things.

There have been MANY times that I have dreamed things and have experienced my dreams while walking down the street. Some call this De’JaVu, I think its my psychic powers awakening. Im tryna bend spoons and dodge bullets in the near future!

But then I wake up…

I got this…job thing I have to go to, so I can make this fake ass paper, to buy this fake ass food and live this fake ass life…

I have been learning a lot of new things lately. The goal is to share as much as possible with the time that I have. There is no telling how long this is going to be “reality”.

Things as changing extremely rapidly…