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#MusicMonday Block Talk feat @SaviorFS prod. by @BonezOnDaBeat

This song is dope! Lyrics aside, this song took maybe close to a decade to be in the shape that it’s in currently. If Ü were to ask me this song is incomplete in a few different ways, so I’m happy Ü never asked!

Right off the jump, Ü might notice the sample of Young Dro’s “Shoulder Lean” during the hook. I do remember the song being popular around the time this track was produced by my cousin Bonez. Regardless, the beat is super dope! I used to listen to it forever but never came up with anything solid to lay on top of the instrumental. If my cousin sold it to someone else, I’ll never know, but I held on to it since the day he gave it to me (or I stole it).

Flash forward to the summer of 2013.

I had intention to move to Los Angels with my OTHER producer cousin, Primo Imani, way back in December/November of 2012. He ended up in Sacramento with his aunt by the time summer came around so I went out there instead. When I got there I brought my Mac Mini to finish mixing my latest project “Sketches Vol.2: #Unbalanced“. I also had a hard drive with the “Young Dro sample beat” on it. Enter my cousins husband Savior.

Without saying TOO much about who this guy is and WHY it’s so dope to get him on a vocal recording of any kind, I low-key convinced my cousins husband to jump this beat. It was something that just came up with I started clicking tracks while we was free-styling. We spent more time trying to figure out how to transfer the mp3 to his studio so we could lay it down that we actually spent writing AND recording the song. After like an hour, we went to get whatever food his wife cooked while we was bullshytin’ with our lives.

When I left California headed to Michigan for a wedding, the song only had our verses. I had sent a bird out to a few different people to see if they want the middle verse. Only one person actually sent me a verse, but it was time sensitive and self destructed before I got the chance to adhere it to the unfinished track. And now that Im sitting here thing about it, I don’t even believe the song was finished that year. I eventually had to call Savior and let him know I needed the raw .WAV files so I could finish mixing the song. I had to cut the 3rd verse out of the song (Ü can’t even tell I did that) and come up with a hook to fill the empty space. Thus, “Block Talk” was born!

Any questions?



Dome #MusicMonday (I Know It’s Tuesday)

A song that I am honestly surprised even is still in my possession. This is a song that is all about fellatio and even cunnilingus! I wrote this masterpiece at the rip and wise age of 16 years old in between the transition from moving from Memphis, TN to Jackson, MI. Believe it or not, the song originated as a safe sex song, urging people to use condoms and not have children. I wrote this song roughly 2 years after this picture:

The 1st verse is an introduction into the mind of a 16 year old porn watching adolescent. I have long lost my virginity (do they still call it the V Card?) almost a decade prior to writing this song. This song actually has a bit of life experience within it. Just the advice of a young man in heat I guess.

The 2nd verse is was inspired by the things that were going on in my life at the time. Yes, I did carry the condom. What child truly WANTS children? I called them KIDS and correlated them with AIDS. Telling stories of leaving a mustache on a womanly caller after a night with me. And that was the end. I didn’t initially write the 3rd verse until much later ( a few months). But if Ü listen semi close in this verse, one might hear the Scary Movie 2 reference.

The last verse, which sounds COMPLETELY different from the 1st two because 1) I wrote &recorded it at a later date and 2) I went full frontal sexual suck my dick song on them 16 bars. Oh. My. GAWD! My mother thought the song was hilarious. She couldn’t believe her song made that type of song but it actually sounded kinda tight! It’s funny…

I have had a few requests to update and modernize the song but I don’t know. I’d sooner sell it off to The Migos or do something else. Kinda grew up beyond that type of style of writing (not really) since then. But who knows. . .


Forbes: Why Is Uranus The Only Planet Without Interesting Features On It?


Because It’s Your MOM!!!


…just thought this was an interesting article I read while on the shitter…

NÜK n-it/

Lovely Lists

I have read many books and heard many motivational speakers who swear by the power of making lists. Having done so in the past, I can tell Ü from 1st hand experience that having a list makes me more productive. Sadly, I have fallen from the graces of the lovely lists (insert sad crying Gif here). My plan going forward in January going into February and beyond is to start a “To Do List”!

Fun Fact: Crossing things off your list feel GOOD! But every 3rd thing crossed off your list creates a sense of Euphoria!



I Hate It

There is not much I hate…

But typing my thoughts out by thumb has got to be in my Top 10!

That is all.


And Then I Was Challenged

Last year someone spoke to me and basically became inquisitive as to my being. And then she told me I was killing myself slowly…

So, in so many words, I am attempting to write my wrongs down on paper everyday. Gathering the courage up to climb out of my comfort zone, I will begin writing my blogs from my phone (please excuse the typos) in an effect to combat the inconsistency that plauges my pages.

The challenge starts now & a grand thank YOU to those that are still reading after all this time!



Personally, I feel humanity has a certain drive for “more” ingrained in their DNA. Make a million once, Ynot 2wice? Gotta crawl before we run and that makes us walk! Some people don’t know how to slow down though…

All good AND bad things will eventually come to an end. The point is to NEVER back step on “The Path”, as my man Eli says. Being present in the moment instead of consumed in it has been a personal issue as of late, as well as being consistent in my bussines schedules. Blame that on the survival instinct that kicked my in the ass recently. I was getting 4 rough hours of sleep a day for two weeks at one point.

And here WE stand ( evebody sleep right not but me to be honest ). Promise I have learned SO much about people who I thought were the closest to me in the last 60 days. Truly, it amazes me how many people are still “waiting on me” to make a move…any move! And when I finally did, it didn’t surprise me who showed up when the Bat Signal hit the clouds.

And now, until next post (and ill try not to be as cryptic) I gotta go make these pancakes!


What’s an Artist 2 Do?

Bottom line: Being a starving artist is growing old!

The New Year has fell upon us, as usual, and I am putting all the eggs in a basket for sale. I’ve been a creator for a long time and for whatever reason, I feel…ashamed (?) to seek money for my work. I would rather be a hoarder of my music than to sell my work for profit. And even if I do sell something, I don’t make it be known that something is available (marketing). SO!

Can I whore my music without negating my audience? Does MY audience resonate with me enough to understand my starvation..? Maybe I am relying too much on my artistry and not enough on my Hustle? Maybe Im thinking too much about it? Maybe Im doing TOO much thinking and not enough action?

I guesss there is only one thing to do…



Me and The Queen got married and officially solidified our union on Tuesday at 7PM.
3:36AM I was informed my grandmother passed away…while I was driving a semi truck.

. . .

I’m in a good place – I’m not sure about everyone else beside a few.
As a matter of fact, this will be the only time I speak of this on the internet.
For whatever reason, I felt this needed to be posted…
Don’t even know what to say.

So – for the readers of this post, I appreciate your time for reading!
I’m ok…just in a weird place…but ohkay…

. . .

I made a song for my grandmothers available for free on our website. It has 1926 downloads…seeing as how that is the year she was born. I learned a LOT from that woman. Hopefully I will be able to share some of those things with you.

For now, just live life ya’ll…



“Don’t forget to pray baby.” – Mini Lewis

Granma's Love
Art by Shellie Ward

The Monster

My youngest daughter had a bad dream one night. I walked in the room while it was happening to turn off a light. Honestly not sure how often it happens, but this was a first for me. After I leave the room, she starts screaming MURDER about a monster! My Queen goes to get her…

I lightweight tried to comfort her, but she was too shaken and terrified to be bothered. It was a bad feeling fareal. Confusion on all ends. Told her that I “threw the monster in the trash”, which kinda worked a lil bit. I think she slept with us that night (I need a bigger bed). Flash forward to the next evening as dinner is being prepared. Its funny, but:

My daughter screams: “NOOOOOOO!!!! The monster!!!”
Me: “What’s wrong little girl?”
Her running out the kitchen: “The monster is in the kitchen! It scare me!”

*She jumps on the couch head first into the pillows screaming*

Me, confused: “But you’ve been in the kitchen all this time?”

*She goes back into the kitchen, comes back to me and cries*

“The monster daddy! It scare me!”

SO, I’m getting off the couch, with my daugther behind me, to investigate the monster that has been messing with her these last 24 hours and…I actually SEE it! SHe start to bawl and scream, while poniting on the kicthen table. “The Mosnter Daddy!!!”, as we breach the threshhold. Then I behold, the gorgeously seasoned, uncooked chicken carcass in the roasting pan.

My daughter is hysterical at this moment. So I say, while putting the cover on the pan, what I believe any other father would in this moment:

“Daddy is gonna have Mommy get rid of it! Let’s get out the kitchen…”

SHe eventually went to bed early, shaken by the whole experience I presume. Everything has been fine lately. BUt the message I stress the most? Watch what your child views on the internet. Youtube is fucking crazy!