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Dream King #EmotionalRoots

My cousin was like: “Come down to Memphis, TN for a LIVE video interview on me and Cletus’ radio show!”
I was like: “Okay!!!”

So I left work in Monroeville, PA with my brother DezONEi and drove to Raleigh/Durham, NC. It is one of the beautifulest cities I have been to. I love that place!!! I’ll write a blog about my experiences there one day. So after we left North Carolina, we get to Memphis and I do the show. The moment was GRAND!!! They gave me mad love, played “I’m Gon’ Get Chu!!!” like three times, I got a few callers from across the country, this chick named “Vivacious” had some BIG tiddies, Cletus & Ja’naye interviewed this other cat who was telling the people listening to “STAY AWAY FROM POLICE!”, I spit a verse about some deep shyt & then they asked me what else I was gonna do while I was in Memphis.

I told them I was going to the Lorraine Motel.

I never knew the place where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinate was turned into a “Cilvil Rights Museum”. As we walked through the exhibits of Slavery in America (1619–1861), Student Sit-Ins (1960’s), Montgomery Bus Boycott (1955–1956), the Jim Crow era (1877 and the mid-1960s) and even seen a replica of MLK jr.’s prison cell. The tour ends with a glimpse of the hotel room where King slept. When Ü look at the spot he was murdered at, it gives off a weird energy.

We left the building and into the gift shop where I purchased a gum band that lost all its moisture, dried up & cracked after wearing it. i also purchased something else for a friend who had never gotten the chance to visit the hotel. One of the most memorable parts of the experience was neither the interview, the museum or even North Carolina! I got most of my kicks hanging with my people who I haven’t seen in years! But then being informed that people who have lived their entire life in the city of Memphis who have NEVER been to the Lorraine Motel…that kinda threw me off…

As I write this blog, I can remember where I was at in my life during those times. I also can remember how I felt doing what I love to do. But nothing lasts forever. Nothing has a place in eternity but change. Change is the constant that keeps everything in confusion. The chaos of change WILL bring clarity in hindsight, even if it presently brings calamity. I guess, in self reflection, Dr. King & Malcolm X’s dead bodies were a sign of a change to come? Or perhaps they were just older versions of the bodies slain today? Either way, the way things come together is not a matter of choosing for us. I know from life experiences that dreams do come true! They just might not be in the form we would expect.


MLK Memorial

If Only This Lasted Longer

As those who keep current may know, I returned from Los Angels, California a few weeks ago…


The only way to put LA in words is to say: GO!!!

You MUST go to LA!!!! Just to see what it looks like if anything!!!

I advise that….

But that’s not what this is about. After I returned from the west Coast & headed back East, I was treated to soon GRAND views (as seen ion Facebook). Its not often that one see’s things of this nature….

It put me in a trance at times….

And right when I was actually enjoying myself….

We landed back in Pittsburgh!!!

Kinda pissed me off….well….it actually DID piss me off!!! But I have been using that as fuel to help me get back to that feeling I once had. A fleeting feeling….

Realistically Speaking:

Nothing Last Forever!!! But as long as the ride was worth it….does it even matter?

All Love,



Taco Trucks Are Fuckin AWESOME!!!