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Forbes: Why Is Uranus The Only Planet Without Interesting Features On It?


Because It’s Your MOM!!!


…just thought this was an interesting article I read while on the shitter…

NÜK n-it/

Crazy Ain’t It?

Watching the news is a trip…

This guy is gonna destroy countless lives because he wants to prove a point? 25 days and counting…the longest shutdown in History! Police getting killed. Plants dying on the moon…I can’t believe I am alive in times such as these.

A small fraction of MYstory.

The Token Tubman

After the story broke wide in April, I started to understand how late in the game I was to the whole “Tubman Twenty” ordeal. This move has promted me to believe that something is wrong with the overall money situation of this country. I  find that there are too many coincidences with the release of these “NEW” bills. It took me a little minute, but I have found some grand information with regards to this bold move.

One thing is for certain, the group who put this woman on the bill truly went out of their way to make sure a Harriet Tubman was made the face of the new note. The most alarming part of the this to me is the timing of it all. Other than President Obama (and I use the reference loosely), since when has this country celebrated ANYTHING “Black”? Especially something that will be traded wollrd wide like the dollar bill? WHY are they TOTALLY redesigning the paper fiat notes in the first place? It doesn’t add up…

I am well aware that the currency of a country tells a lot about its History. I am also aware that money can also make a HUGE statement. What kind of statement are they making with this widely traded note? I would quote a few different things that I have heard from the internet, but the bottom line:

We are headed to a cashless society within the next 10 years.

Even though a LOT of people are excited about the “progress” this country is making, the fact of the matter is that a MAJOR change is occurring in front of our face. I personally feel that the American Dollar is going the way of the Mexican Peso. I could be wrong…Im not an economist or Wall Street stock investor, but my spidey sense is tingling. I will touch on this a bit more over the summer and even further if something else occurs.



Afrika Bambaataa & Hip Hop Homosexuality

I have been following the story of Africa Bambaataa, allegedly, molesting young men in the 70’s, since it was broken by Troi Torian about 3 weeks ago. This is shocking on a few different levels for me, mainly because I wanted to become a member of The Zulu Nation less than 3 years ago. Depending on who Ü ask, this is also shocking on a cultural level (if Ü consider Hip Hop a culture) based on the implications that there are those in the early beginnings of the Hip Hop Movement that were aware of child molestation and homosexual acts, yet choose to hid those things from the public.

The Zulu Nation has come out and stated that Afrika Bambaataa has not been the leader of the Zulus since around the mid 90’s. The Nation has removed themselves away from this situation as to not mix the intents of The Nation & Bambaatta. In so many words, it has come to light that Bambaatta is homosexual and has not (as of this writing) come out to the public. The biggest factor to all of this is the child molestation accusations. To those that had ANY knowledge of that at ANY time, they should be held accountable for their part.

This whole situation begs me to ask the question:

Who else???

Not to speculate more that what can be easily found through a Google Search, who else is doing things in the dark that they do not wish to come to light? Who else is living a false and fabricated lifestyle based on a grand illusion for the masses?

But does that even matter?

I mean, R. Kelly pissed on an underage girl and video tapped it and he still can sell out a stadium full of women. I guess it depends on how much Ü are liked? People will glance over things they don’t like and see only what tickles their minds eye. But at some point shot needs to STOP and people need to be held accountable for their actions.

Ill be watching to see how this story unfolds and deeper…




Where Will Ü Be When It Happens?

Over the last week there have been NUMEROUS earthquakes that have rocked the planet. Two powerful quakes and more than 230 aftershocks hit Japan and left more than 40 people dead while causing unaccounted damages. Within 4 days of the Japan quakes, a massive earthquake decimated the lives of people in Ecuador killing 270 people and injuring a few thousand. There was another earthquake that happened while I wrote this blog…

Prayer is real y’all…and it works…

I tend to pay attention to things of this nature because I am on this planet that IS alive and active. The things that occur on this blue SPHERE (fuck a flat earth theory) are something that I feel we ALL should beware of. If a animal dies in Africa I think we should know! Its not like people care about the bees until the crops stop growing…

My point is?

The Earth is starting to show signs of extreme activity…especially around what is called ” The Ring of Fire“. This area just so happens to contain Japan, Ecuador, and parts of the West Coast of the United States. There have been talks of the fault line Cascadia giving off signs of activity over the past few months. My thoughts are with those out there that have no clue about the information intros last paragraph.

In closing, I wrote a song about this type of thing…this is nothing more than protocol if Ü ask me. But for those that think this is something other than “odd” or “strange”, be careful over the upcoming months.


Why Am I Paying Taxes?

With this being the last week to file taxes here in America, I thought it was kinda interesting that all this information became public recently.

The largest information leak on the planet, The Panama Papers, happened not too long ago. The reveal is said to have TRILLIONS of dollars that have been hidden from the general public. Basically, people in high places of authority have been hiding money and not being taxes for it. Of course there is more to it but my point for writing this is ask:

Why are we paying taxes?

I searched the internet and found this video that best explains what has been happening for DECADES. It kinda pisses me off just knowing that the same people who are in charge of “making things better”, are not only hiding funds from us, but also making things much worse in the process!

Im not going to rant much because truly, I don’t follow politrics like I should to actually REALLY know what is going on and what’s means to me directly.

Just a thought along with a few links of information…



Flint First, Your City Next!


The video above is just a brief overview of the current crisis in Flint, Michigan. My heart goes out to those people who have to walk miles to get a few gallons of water for the day, each and every day. My soul screams for those that have had to drink this shyt for FAR too long. There is just SO much wrong with this situation on SO many different levels.

If Ü have been following this story for any amount of time, the main focal point is that this is happening to poor people in Michigan, which the rich folks are drinking filtered glacier water. Since this has been happening for the past TWO YEARS, it should be noted that Lead Poisoning is TRAGIC! Every since our daughter came into the world, we have had all types of test n shyt about protecting this child…the lead test is one of them. We had leaded paint in this old ass early 1900 house. However, that is NOWHERE as bas as drinking leaded water.

I just wanted to write this so that those in my personal reach of influence would could get my take on what is going to be one of Americas grandest tragedies of this decade. I will be pledging some type of assistance to the cause. Not just because I am from Michigan and feel I need to help my soil land fam bam, more so because this could be happening where I live and I would pray that someone would be able to do the same.