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It Used To Only Be About The Music

NOT to make this post VERY long winded, I will condense MULTIPLE topics & subjects into four sentences or less. It has been a minute since I have had an “urgency” about myself so excuse the mystique. The best part about this process is that Ü can ask ME questions, and I will elaborate.

Let’s Go!!!

1st of all: FUCK FACEBOOK!!!

I’m just not a fan and have never been much of one. I use it mainly now for the people who have met me in person. That’s it. No new friends! And I’m lightweight sketchy about a few that I have. I delete people on their born date. Twitter is where I like to be…

F.R.E.S.H.H. Radio hasn’t went ANYWHERE!

I have been doing other things that actually have a more reasonable effect on my bottomline. Playing songs for people who don’t share the links is useless for the platform. But that’s another story. It’s coming back tho…

I Sell Life, Health, Dental, Vision, Accidental, Supplemental Insurance!

And I am STILL learning products, procedures, protocols, and shyt like that. If Ü out there looking, don’t be surprise if I call that ass!!! If Ü need some clarity let me know.


Yoooo!!! I’m always learning something. Keeping a square circle & moving in triangles.

$100,000 By The End Of The Year!!!

I need to employ one or 2 people by the end of the year and then I can move on to the next phase. But all that is future speak that Ü don’t need to know about right now.

I’m just clearing the space so I can start the week off on a fresh note. Blank slate. Dinner plate. Large fry, chocolate shake!!!

Music videos coming soon…if I have the time…


Doing It!

After The Dust Settles

I missed the 15th due to me losing my job (“Before Christmas?” IDGAF Brah!) and attempting to make sure I can prepare before this New Year that has fell upon us. I have been on this “Forward Moving” train of thought. Having the ability to maintain momentum and sustain it for a long duration is a skill that I’m working earnestly to sharpen this year. I feel different at this time…a certain clarity and focus has fallen upon me.

Released a single on the 21st on last month. I did that for a FEW different reasons:

1.) It was the 1st day of Winter 2020.
2.) I wanted to end 2019 with a release.
3.) It has been a LONG time coming.
4.) A few other reasons but that’s enough for right now

Check it out on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, and all the other streaming sites! I’m working on a concept for a music video right. Don’t let me know if Ü like it, tell a friend!

I truly have to look at things for what they are, learning experiences. Everything is offering me a chance to learn from it, in one way or another. My job is to figure out what lessons to take from these situations I find myself in. Speaking from the heart, I got a lot to learn y’all. I also have a lot to share…

It’s over tho! We in them 20’s now! Looking back on the last decade I have made a LOT of strides to get to where I am currently. So as the dust settles and we can start seeing clearly in 20/20.

I’ll be back on the 15th this time,


Things Change…As They Should #Growth

To be ALL the way honest, I haven’t written a song to completion in like 3 years. Maybe 4 at this point. It’s not that I “don’t want to do it” any more, it’s more like stress, duress, frustration, and some more shyt. The beautiful thing about this is that I have written and recorded a LOT of songs since I got my home studio in 2011. The trickle down process is now starting.

Went broke going to the 2019 Grrrd Awards in Newport Beach, CA but the caviate to it all is that I made connections that would have NEVER happened if I stayed my ass at the crib and conformed. Linked with cuzzo C-Lim & shot the music video to “Real Cripi” on a yacht! Met & networked with dayum near everybody on that thang. And Ü know what they say about what networking do to your net-worth.

Lost two special people that have shaped me as a human last month. I don’t personally have any pictures to share of them, so I will just leave it at that. Speak to your loved ones, if Ü say Ü love em like Ü do. Go see em while they can still appreciate being around your essences. . .

And that’s all I have to say about that…

Closing out another year, I’ll FINALLY release a single of the LONG OVER DUE Extended Production (EP) “Sketches vol.1”. The song will be available on all the streaming platforms possible on the 21st of this month! I’ll ,ake sure Ü check it out…one way or the other…

Until the 15th,


“I bet Ü wonderin’ how it be…”

It has been a long minute since I have written a post such as this (Xzibit A, B, C, & X). I almost feel that I could put TOO much in this post…so I won’t. I will say, I have to make it my duty to be on point this time. I will not go into TOO many details in this post, but just let it be known that THAT post is coming! This is the forcible 1st of many more to come.

I have been finding it easy to make any type of excuse for the things I KNOW will make me a better, more rounded human being. So I need to hold myself accountable in more than 3 dimensions. Taking accountability for the things that I DO have control over is one of the 1st steps in making the things I want to happen.

With these/those words above being true to their being in the position I have placed them, I will be moving forward on a positive tip. I just want to start making small impacts more so than large achievements. The goal is to make sure I am being heard…even if I’m only being read (red not reed). This is the 1st of many. Many 1st this is the of…


Autumns Eve #SummerOfKings

I always feel as if I haven’t done enough during whatever time period I place upon myself. I guess that comes with being a perfectionist. I just feel it causes even more of a strain, for me, when that goal (or desired result) is not reached. A lot of people “shoot for the moon to be with the stars!” and all that bullshyt…

I be tryna shoot for Sirius and be pissed when I land on Mars.

I might have done something not many have done and be pissed because it is not what I expected…not how I envisioned and a lot of other discriptive verbs I could use to paint a picture with no colors.

Either way, I aint dead yet, so I got that going for me…


Damn It Jim, I’m A Rapper! Not a Doctor!

I promise this daily blog thing is a LOT harder than what I thought it would be when I started this recent “writing down my thoughts challenge“. I may have put more on myself than was actually needed…or even wanted!

Even right now, I should wrote the #MusicMonday post but I have been doing other shyt today. Just getting to the point of truly wanting to write for the day. Promise I’ll get it together on a more consistent basis. It’s been seven days since I last wrote something and it kinda unfortunate I neglect ya’ll like a bastard ass child…

I bring presents sometimes though!
Just not today…
I gotta go see a man about a horse.


The Stolen Laptop*

So about this stolen laptop…

This is a VERY long story with all its intricacies but I’ll try to stick with the FACTS! When we moved to Texas back in Spring 20-18, I took a few temp jobs before I took the job I stole this computer from. During the interview, Dude (his name in the story) all but convinced me to “join the team” and make thousands of dollars a WEEK! All I needed was the drive and a laptop computer. I had a laptop computer! But it was…cosmetically challenged…so Dude loaned me this Lenovo!

“Once Ü start making money, just buy a new computer and give me this one back.” – Dude

Fast forward like, 2 months. I haven’t made any money and they have fired Dude! A supremely hostile office takeover that left the “team” at each others paychecks!!! It’s crazy how money can make humans turn cannibalistic. The “making money” Dude spoke about was oh so real! Almost $100,000 in checks were passed out the first payday I was in the office. Every Monday after was almost similar, but they fired Dude soon after I started, demoted my trainer, rewrote MY business, and showed very little concern for my wife almost losing her life…

With Dude out the office and state (I helped him pack up his house for $100), me broke & almost a single father…I took Lenny Lenovo and left. Funny thing is, Lenny is actually a stolen computer. Dude had loaned “a white laptop” to a past employee who actually made money with the company. Then he went missing. Long story short, he was in jail for selling Meth and sold the white computer. Dude (who didn’t know all that at the time) sent him some money to send the computer back to him. When it finally arrived, months later, it was Lenny.

Lenny is completely different white computer Meth man (no relation) sent back to Dude. Dude lent Lenny Lenovo to me to make money and that is what I am going to do!


*I wrote this story 2 other times that did not post. #Pissed

But Why Wait?

I mean…procrastination is a reason for sure, but not a good one. I waited all the way until the end of the day to start thinking about writing this thing and see where that leaves us? Missing a day! But everything should be alright as long as I don’t dwell on it and keep it moving correct?

As for the question that I asked and nobody answered?

I’m going to continue writing them as the 1st thing in MY morning and then Ü can get to it when ever, if ever, Ü feel. I might have to stop catering to the worlds needs and handle my own first. So yeah, first thing in the morning…even bought me a mouse to help better operate the stolen computer! It has already been in heavy use during the creation of this writing (typing?).

Talked to the Magnificent M. Frank and he gave me some grand advice! Consistency is KEY on all levels! I’ve been saying that for a while but it’s time to show & prove…walk it like I type it….



At this point, I have been without MY computer for two months shy of a year. Never thought I would be as dependent on it as I am. It kinda sucks not being able to access the thousands of pictures I’ve taken or hundreds of songs I’ve recorded (mine & others). Not being able to record new music whenever I feel like it has been depressing in many different ways. I have not “made a beat” in what seems to be eons. i was working on video production & eventually making a smooth transition into making short mini movies (I don’t even watch movies though).  It’s sad…I feel like I was accomplishing something…

Good thing I stole this laptop! I would be have the hardest of times trying to communicate these thoughts to Ü!



I promise…for me, it’s harder to get started AND THEN continue (consistency) than just getting started. Lost it all after tryna watch that fight on Saturday…which didn’t even happen! I just wanted to see Broner get his ass beat, but this computer that I kinda stole from my last gig is barely good enough for what I’m doing with it…shouldn’t have tried to watch that fight for free on a Chromebook…