Living Life & Loving It

Month: January, 2019

Lovely Lists

I have read many books and heard many motivational speakers who swear by the power of making lists. Having done so in the past, I can tell Ü from 1st hand experience that having a list makes me more productive. Sadly, I have fallen from the graces of the lovely lists (insert sad crying Gif here). My plan going forward in January going into February and beyond is to start a “To Do List”!

Fun Fact: Crossing things off your list feel GOOD! But every 3rd thing crossed off your list creates a sense of Euphoria!



Crazy Ain’t It?

Watching the news is a trip…

This guy is gonna destroy countless lives because he wants to prove a point? 25 days and counting…the longest shutdown in History! Police getting killed. Plants dying on the moon…I can’t believe I am alive in times such as these.

A small fraction of MYstory.

I’ve Been Slippin’ Lately

I have returned!
I truly did NOT feel comfortable typing on the phone so I bought a missing componet to hook the cracktop back up to the wifi. The struggle is real…but only in my mind…

Now that I have my new found confidance I will strive to keep my consistancy up to par.



I Hate It

There is not much I hate…

But typing my thoughts out by thumb has got to be in my Top 10!

That is all.


And Then I Was Challenged

Last year someone spoke to me and basically became inquisitive as to my being. And then she told me I was killing myself slowly…

So, in so many words, I am attempting to write my wrongs down on paper everyday. Gathering the courage up to climb out of my comfort zone, I will begin writing my blogs from my phone (please excuse the typos) in an effect to combat the inconsistency that plauges my pages.

The challenge starts now & a grand thank YOU to those that are still reading after all this time!