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Month: January, 2019

The Next Phaze

As I sit here contemplating my next move, I have to weight out the options. On one hand:

Staying in my current position could offer me flexibility to become a fixture in the corporate world! I’d still be at the bottom for a few more years or until people get fired or whatever…but yeah…


I could do something different that has the opportunity for a bit of freedom AND the likelihood of doing some traveling. As many may have known, I still have my CDL license…I drove semis safely across the country (38 state or more). I no longer want to do that for MULTIPLE reasons and because of that factor, I got into a different industry that is to the acquiring of this computer.

So it’s back to school…again…


This video sums up how I feel being in a cubicle.

Dome #MusicMonday (I Know It’s Tuesday)

A song that I am honestly surprised even is still in my possession. This is a song that is all about fellatio and even cunnilingus! I wrote this masterpiece at the rip and wise age of 16 years old in between the transition from moving from Memphis, TN to Jackson, MI. Believe it or not, the song originated as a safe sex song, urging people to use condoms and not have children. I wrote this song roughly 2 years after this picture:

The 1st verse is an introduction into the mind of a 16 year old porn watching adolescent. I have long lost my virginity (do they still call it the V Card?) almost a decade prior to writing this song. This song actually has a bit of life experience within it. Just the advice of a young man in heat I guess.

The 2nd verse is was inspired by the things that were going on in my life at the time. Yes, I did carry the condom. What child truly WANTS children? I called them KIDS and correlated them with AIDS. Telling stories of leaving a mustache on a womanly caller after a night with me. And that was the end. I didn’t initially write the 3rd verse until much later ( a few months). But if Ü listen semi close in this verse, one might hear the Scary Movie 2 reference.

The last verse, which sounds COMPLETELY different from the 1st two because 1) I wrote &recorded it at a later date and 2) I went full frontal sexual suck my dick song on them 16 bars. Oh. My. GAWD! My mother thought the song was hilarious. She couldn’t believe her song made that type of song but it actually sounded kinda tight! It’s funny…

I have had a few requests to update and modernize the song but I don’t know. I’d sooner sell it off to The Migos or do something else. Kinda grew up beyond that type of style of writing (not really) since then. But who knows. . .


#MusicMonday (From Now On)

Because I tend to not speak often enough about it, I need to start promoting my music more. I have people out here not even know that I created one of Michigan’s SMOOTHEST tracks featuring the LEGENDARY MC Breed. It still remains fly & relevant to this day. That song solidified me in the music industry…it just didn’t establish me.

I have always been a writer at heart, even before writing songs. So it is only natural that I have an urge to write music from time to time. So lets say, for the past 15 years I have been creating music in one form or another. It has actually been a few years longer than that (2002) but 15 makes it seem not that much longer ago…for me.

From now and going further, I will post a link to a track I wrote or had a part in creating and actually take Ü through what was going on in my life at the time of writing or recording a track that I have floating out there on the internet. Call this my attempt at doing a little extra to let people know that, yes, I “still be rappin?'”…as I’m asked quite often.


Dome – Young NÜK

But Why Wait?

I mean…procrastination is a reason for sure, but not a good one. I waited all the way until the end of the day to start thinking about writing this thing and see where that leaves us? Missing a day! But everything should be alright as long as I don’t dwell on it and keep it moving correct?

As for the question that I asked and nobody answered?

I’m going to continue writing them as the 1st thing in MY morning and then Ü can get to it when ever, if ever, Ü feel. I might have to stop catering to the worlds needs and handle my own first. So yeah, first thing in the morning…even bought me a mouse to help better operate the stolen computer! It has already been in heavy use during the creation of this writing (typing?).

Talked to the Magnificent M. Frank and he gave me some grand advice! Consistency is KEY on all levels! I’ve been saying that for a while but it’s time to show & prove…walk it like I type it….


Question For My Readers! #1

After I made the post last night I started thinking:

“I wonder if they are more day time readers or night time readers?”

Soooooo, When do Ü prefer to read these things? Or does it not even matter as long as I keep em coming daily? I want to make sure those that actually read my thoughts have 1st access to them…kinda creepy but still…

It’s Friday Bitches!



Forbes: Why Is Uranus The Only Planet Without Interesting Features On It?


Because It’s Your MOM!!!


…just thought this was an interesting article I read while on the shitter…

NÜK n-it/


At this point, I have been without MY computer for two months shy of a year. Never thought I would be as dependent on it as I am. It kinda sucks not being able to access the thousands of pictures I’ve taken or hundreds of songs I’ve recorded (mine & others). Not being able to record new music whenever I feel like it has been depressing in many different ways. I have not “made a beat” in what seems to be eons. i was working on video production & eventually making a smooth transition into making short mini movies (I don’t even watch movies though).  It’s sad…I feel like I was accomplishing something…

Good thing I stole this laptop! I would be have the hardest of times trying to communicate these thoughts to Ü!



I promise…for me, it’s harder to get started AND THEN continue (consistency) than just getting started. Lost it all after tryna watch that fight on Saturday…which didn’t even happen! I just wanted to see Broner get his ass beat, but this computer that I kinda stole from my last gig is barely good enough for what I’m doing with it…shouldn’t have tried to watch that fight for free on a Chromebook…



Don’t Sweat the Small Things!

While not trying to “own it”, I do acknowledge that I have some type of anxiety disorder. I tend to think too much about things I  never had control of and things I cannot control. During certain situations – I’m like a fish out of water! I just had a moment right now thinking about what I wanted to say!!!

I’m coo’ tho…

Anyway, I’ve learned through much trial & many errors that living in the current moment usually is the best help. Seeing things for how they actually are rather than a hyper heinous hypothetical hallucination.







The Sketches Project

Musically, I’m not one to release music unless I feel it is Perfect! In that quest for perfection, I tend to ignore my surroundings. Getting lost in a certain train of thought happens so frequently that I tend to forget the reason I embarked on a quest in the 1st place. Although I have in the past, I don’t tend to create “Mixtapes”, (ain’t they CD’s anyway?) mainly because that’s not my lane. I did create an outlet of sorts though.

Enter Sketches:

“Sketches” is a series of EP’s I intend on releasing before a full length LP. Before I release my “Untitled” album, I will be releasing THREE (3) EP’s.

Sketches vol.1

Sketches vol.2: #Unbalanced

Sketches vol.3: Mosaic

The above EP’s will release when they are ready in each case. I want the 1st set of “Sketches” to showcase my climb out of depression. Each EP will describe a certain thought process I had while living under the conditions that will be outline within the music. Each project will have different characteristics that will make it unique in and of itself.

I would like to continue The Sketches Project forward with the release of “Sketches: Collage” after my “Untitled” LP.

One thing at a time until then…


“Only art & music have the power to bring peace.” – Yoko Ono