Personally, I feel humanity has a certain drive for “more” ingrained in their DNA. Make a million once, Ynot 2wice? Gotta crawl before we run and that makes us walk! Some people don’t know how to slow down though…

All good AND bad things will eventually come to an end. The point is to NEVER back step on “The Path”, as my man Eli says. Being present in the moment instead of consumed in it has been a personal issue as of late, as well as being consistent in my bussines schedules. Blame that on the survival instinct that kicked my in the ass recently. I was getting 4 rough hours of sleep a day for two weeks at one point.

And here WE stand ( evebody sleep right not but me to be honest ). Promise I have learned SO much about people who I thought were the closest to me in the last 60 days. Truly, it amazes me how many people are still “waiting on me” to make a move…any move! And when I finally did, it didn’t surprise me who showed up when the Bat Signal hit the clouds.

And now, until next post (and ill try not to be as cryptic) I gotta go make these pancakes!