by NÜK

When I opened up for Bone Thugs n Harmony in Pittsburgh, PA, my cousin Bonez came from Ypsilanti, MI to join me on stage with my brother Dez1Eye. After the show, which just so happened to be my first concert ever, Bonez drove us back to Michigan to hit the studio. I eventually made it up there again the following year to record our track “White Meat”. This instrumental was one of the seven I managed to acquire from that session.

Before returning back to Pittsburgh, I recorded a few songs with my cousins that eventually made it on “The Highway Chronicles: #Interstate”. After I got home though, I had to figure out what to do with the instrumentals! The one that eventually became “Repeat” stood out to me in a few different ways. All I could think about was my commitment to create something that comes from a place my soul spoke highly about.

Track 2: Repeat

Music & Sex!

That is what this song is all about at the essence. I attempted to take the best parts of each topic and combine them into one fluid song. It helps that the music kinda has this repeating-sexy vibe to it. There are a few references that correlate my writing style and personality with both musical/sexual innuendos and metaphors. Plus the broccoli!!! Everybody  love that broccoli part! I had once put on my Myspace page that I sounded like “repeat”, this song is a artistic representation of what I was saying.

There is no real back story as to what inspired me to write it. I guess one could say it is just something I wanted to say. Listening to this song is worth listening to it again.

“Take a toke of the blunt, then I drift in the sky/ as I get so high/ then I go for a ride on the rhythm of the instrumental…” – Repeat