Phaze 2

by NÜK

I worked at “The Walmart for musical instruments” long enough to acquire some dope friends…like Segments Of The Spine, Jimbo, and this drummer ( who tried to piss on me). One dude who came in after me was my dude B.Fury. I’ll speak about him a lil later, seeing as to how he produced the instrumental of this song, but during that time I was going through this transition of sorts…trying to figure out my next move…not only in the music industry but LIFE.

After almost dying in Utica, Ny in an accident, moving to Pittsburgh was like a necessary evil. During my 1st year, I had to find stable housing. After my pops sorta kinda looked out for us with horrid accommodations, I started to build my network up in a brand new city. I have met a little bit of EVERYBODY that has had a part in the Pittsburgh music experience within the last 10 years except Wiz…but I personally know his aunt. The first thing I did musically was show across the city, but I didn’t have any “merch” to sell. I also didn’t have the financial means to promote and finish recording my first studio LP, so I wanted to work on something different.

Track 1: Phaze 2

The struggle is REAL. But not knowing how to record the music I write was a challenge I have never had before. I didn’t even have equipment to record when I started writing this song! There is a picture floating around of how my first studio setup looked like…but it helped me write! Eventually, I saved up enough money to truly upgrade to something with a bit more quality. The 1st song I recorded once I was able to create a creation station was a freestyle on “Valentine’s Day”. After that I opened up for Bone Thugs n Harmony in March. I left for Michigan in April to work with family for a minute. I came back and started working on “The Highway Chronicles”, my first mixtape that I could try to help fund the cause(s). Before I could even truly start working on that project, I started putting on showcases with EÖS which we title “The Hip Hop Feast”. During that time I wrote and recorded “The Highway Chronicles” and started formulating the concepts around “The Sketches Project”.

On a personal note, my living situation was SUPER fucked up! I needed to get out of my living situation ASAP! To put things simple: I was NOT comfortable in my own skin or house. Still not to a certain degree. There were TOO many power struggles internally that had too much control over the way I was living life. I mean…my brother almost got ate up by a Pit bull at one point during all this. The final straw was truly me being forced over a balcony rail. Mentally, I was running upon the edge of loosing my mind. Even thought about committing suicide at one point. My suicide note ended up being a poem that I included in “NÜK: Drawn Poetically“. At the brink on insanity, I ran into B. Fury.

One of the chillest people I have came across in my life! Fury helped me move through a LOT of obstacles that stopped me from having a decent sleeping pattern, among the many other things. He introduced me to different artist and even entertained my deep thoughts about our place in the Universe. Fury was and still is a grand individual. So one day, he gave me a CD with like 5 tracks on it. The 1st was something he said he made strictly for me. When I first listened, the instruments spoke to my situation. I felt compelled the write something that would allow me to express my frustration and release some needed tension. I Thank him for allowing that to be possible. And even with all that was said in the song, I have 2 more verses that might be released in the future for this song.

“I live a real musical and keep it so literal/ the freight train of thought is smooth and Ü can lsiten to the story on the paper.” – Phaze 2