Sketches vol.1

by NÜK

I was in the middle of recording my FIRST studio album at the age of 18 and after nearly losing my life in a semi truck accident, I was coerced in to moving to Pittsburgh, PA. By the age of 22…I was homeless in unknown surroundings.  Eventually, I was sheltered by a father with ulterior motives and able to regain a musical footing.

The 1st thing I recorded once I got my studio was the 1st draft of “The Highway Chronicles”, a ‘Mixtape’. After a few months of shows and networking, the 2nd project I wrote and recorded was “Sketches vol.1”. My intention with this project was to enter back into “the game” from the ground up with new material. The songs I put together were abstract from the direction I was going with my LP. I had to do something “fresh”…and I hated it!

Being SOOO broke at the time, I relied on my long term musical relationships to supply majority of the instrumentals for the project. Someone I barely even knew gave me the opening song at the most needed of times! I owe it to him to finish the song. Overall, I produced 5 songs from the material I was given ( and stole). I will release a track-listing for the EP in an upcoming post breaking down each song with its own post. I truly want to flesh out the music behind this release. My purpose with this post is to introduce you to the motives behind the music I was producing.

I went from recording in a 3 million dollar studio to a bedroom in a traphouse, without monitoring speakers. Not to mention knowing very little about the process of producing the songs I write. I knew how to RECORD but MIXING was not my area of expertise. Although out of my element, I felt it was a necessary need being able to record my own music, but not knowing what I was doing had the unknown cost in the loss of the musical quality in the musical perfection I seek. Even with that handicap, the experience gave me creative confidence and allowed me to explore a realm of writing I have yet to cross, at the time. “Sketches vol.1” was my 1st attempt at bringing the best out of myself during one thee worst in my young adult life.

Releasing October 19th (Happy Born Date Me [maybe Ü 2?]!), “Sketches vol.1” is the 1st of three projects that I will release from the period that turned me into The Young Man that types to Ü today. I hope some of it finds some place in your musical rotation!

Peace from The Young Man,


Sketches vol1. (front)