Lately, I have been finding myself more spaced out on the on the things I SHOULD be doing and not what I am accomplishing. Focusing on what I’m not doing or feel I should be doing is becoming my personal downfall. I could blame a bit of depression on this as well, but that might be a cop out in all honesty.

Being the artist that I am, I can create and move on to the next project with no thought to the last. While some might think that to be great, I tend to create like the corpse flower. Even then, I don’t formally release the material…especially when I feel it is not up to par to a standard that I don’t even believe matters to people. Kinda like Prince and his Vault, I have music and writings from 2002 that I have yet to release. Not that I even feel those songs need to be released.

I mean…

Who would want to listen to how I USED to be? Those song are who I WAS, not who I am currently…I think? There is truly only one way to find out! But before that, I need to get over a few personal hurdles.


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