200 Years Later

by NÜK

Since Prince has passed away, the only thing I have thought about is The Vault. That storage of music is something that makes SO much sense in the music industry. Being a recording artists myself, I can see myself in a similar situation. Creating and recording music constantly and not releasing it for the general public. Even now I have songs that I truly don’t believe will see the light of day in their current form. Over the course of the last 5 years, I have learned a tremendous amount about mixing and mastering music. All those things combined have cut out thousands of dollars in studio fees and costs and have allowed me to record my children in home (my two year old like to rap & play piano).
With the money made from musical endeavors, I want to invest in a school of arts. I truly have a passion for the musical arts, but I feel that their are other art forms that are just as grand and beautiful, with little or even untapped resources for in black communities. My son constantly tells me about wanting to do something with cells but I have no ideal as to broaden that seed other than water and entertain his dreams. I want a school of art that will water the dreams of those who never knew it could be possible!
So in the year 2216, not only will the progeny of my blood line be teaching at the school, Ill also have a music hall dedicated to me. The school don’t even got to be named after me, I just want the music hall to show the student the impact I made on the planet with the art I created. Not only will it contain the music compositions from “The Vault” of art I created while still breathing, the top graduating students of the music classes might even get an unreleased verse from me. Im pretty sure Ill be able to have a hologram of myself congratulating students on completing their enlightenment through the school curriculum. And once a year, the day of my death, a new song from The Vault will release to the planet. Not saying it like it will be the greatest song ever, it might suck, but it will be released into the music industry.


I can see that!!! And what makes things even better? I WANT to see that happen!!! I want to be able to make those things happen!!! I WILL see to it that those things I wrote about will come into fruition. I need to start inspiring what will be the future me!

Who knows what the future holds…it was unwritten until just now though…