Drawstring Effect

by NÜK

On many occasion I have called myself “Supreme King Multitask”, the fourth. I can truly see how, over the course of me doing EVERYTHING…nothing truly gets accomplished. It is not to say that things do not get done, but more so the WRONG things are done. I have felt like I have wasted many hours doing “nothing” in the pursuit of doing “what I love”.

So many unfinished projects…

So much frustration…


But in the end, I have done SO many things, have my hand in SO many projects, to the point that I NEED to bring everything together under ONE umbrella. For my mind to operate efficiently, I need a certain amount of clarity, mental & spacial. My space is maintained properly, but it is minimal. Looking to expand in the VERY near future, I need to bring more focus to what I feel are the grandest things for my brand. At the same time, I MUST provide the most absolute for my household.

So bringing everything under one roof is KEY in the upcoming weeks. Time seems to not be on the side of the unprepared. And even though I have been “doing nothing” for so long, it has made an impact in a major way in areas I were not aware. Pulling the preverbal rope tight is at the core of my actions. I have been looking into a business plan lately…Im thinking of creating some type of “life plan” to coincide with the goals & aspirations. Action will dictate this outcome & Im R.E.A.DY.!!!