Technology of Today

by NÜK

Listening to podcasts and reading certain tech articles online are maybe the only ways I find out about new technologies. I would like to think that I am a lil bit less than riding the  proverbial technological wave, I truly don’t like having the newest of new shyt that comes out. I used to be scared of being tracked by the government and whatnot…now Im scared of losing my humanity.

I could possibly go on but I think my point is at least out there. I have been having the hardest time deciding if I actually want to have a cell phone for a LONG time. I just don’t like the ideal of THAT much access to communicate with me. I find it sad that people don’t write others letters like 10 years or so ago. Handwriting is becoming a dying art form quickly. My fear is not being able to access certain groups of people due to being “outdated”. Like, trying to get people to listen to my “Mixtape”…


I TRULY had a hard time trying to get people to listen to my CD in 2010…its just not how people access music anymore. Making a “physical” music product is like moving backwards in the music industry. “Physical” copies of certain things are no longer a viable way of “doing it” any more. Not sex, I mean like, people PAY for mobile games that allow Ü to acquire “in game money”, so Ü can purchase in game stuff, right? And if Ü run out on the in game money, Ü can use more REAL money to purchase the fake money and continue to progress further in the game.

Maybe Im missing something?

Maybe we are SUPPOSED to plug shyt into the back of our heads at night so we can “recharge”. Maybe we don’t need to eat food no more. Maybe we can all put a helmet on our heads and play volleyball on Mars in the near future. Maybe…


There are only a few different outcomes:

The Good
The Bad


Maybe something else???