by NÜK

In the “grand scheme of things”, I do not try to act like Im “in the the know” about certain things/topics. To be perfectly honest, I don’t care about certain types of Popular Culture and tend to stray away from the ripples they cause. I often get made fun of for not watching certain movies or listening to certain albums or watch certain programs on Netflix or major Television Stations. Truly, doesn’t bother me in the slightest…

Not being in the know has its perks if Ü ask me!!! Having a chance to make choices based on what I feel is what I want is a wonderful feeling. I honestly have not bought “name brand” soap since I looked online and figured out how to make it! I just finished making 5 gallons of liquid laundry soap…coast me less than a dollar after the initial 12 dollars for a bucket and the 4 ingredients in bulk. The toothpaste I make tastes, looks and  cleans my teeth just like the toothpaste I used to spend 4 dollars a tube on. I wish I could do something else in this fashion…Ill figure it out later though…

When I tell people that I don’t watch TV, they look at me like I kick puppies with my spare time. I do tend to read…a LOT! The things that I place in front of my eyes vary from news articles, info graphs, BOOKS!!!, certain online blogs and I have even read historic documents such as The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of United States of America and Jet Magazine May 11, 1972. I do spend a grand deal doing what I call “wasteful work” on the internet, but for the most part, I keep my nose clean.

One of the grand things that I feel have benefited me by being removed from the “#GroupThink” mindset is being truly shocked at the things I find certain people do in order to continue a certain perception. Not singling out any type of persona or person(s) that might “need” to be shocking in order to standout in the crowd, some of the shyt people do is CRAZY!!! But I can’t stop talking about they dumbass…for whatever reason. It is always good to have your name come out someones mouth, good or bad…I guess. Even then there are those walking this planet with us who follow the trends that are set without questioning them. Like jumping off a bridge because your friends are doing it, at least that is how I view it.

Just an observation about MYSELF more than anything. Realizing that I am trying not to be a part of the craziness that is oh so prevalent has been a grand mental weight relief. Keeping up with The Jones’ (or The Combs’ in that song I heard on the radio) will make sure Ü are living a life that is NOT something Ü can handle. Gotta keep up with your own situations and issues before Ü can keep up with The Kardasians*.

*in my Forest Gump voice*

Thats all I have to say about that….


*I don’t care how they name is spelled.