When Someone Ü Love Dies

by NÜK

The summer of 2015 was an emotional roller coaster, no brakes. I lost a cousin to street violence in Michigan. I won’t sugar coat anything involved in the situation, yet, he was murdered. His siblings lost a brother, his mother and father lost a son. He is remembered my many friends, cousins and a fiancé.

Less than a week before the date of my birth, my uncle had a heart attack and died. I last saw him at my cousins funeral. I unfortunately could not attend the funeral due to lack of funds and a horrid work schedule. That is what has effected me the most, truly.

Depression is REAL! I could only image what could have happened if I did not have my loved ones around me keeping me level. Even now, I am having trouble staying a float. I have recently lost my job and funding for a lot of my projects…

I have not lost hope though…

This marks the return of my fire.
My internal flame has been ignited once again.
Even though things are changing rapidly, my heart still cries.

Life goes on and makes one become strong.