“Im Back On…” #FRESHHradio

by NÜK

Yesterday afternoon, after the childrens’ were engaged in their active duties, I jumped back on Blog Talk Radio to continue the show I stopped over a year ago. I won’t be having a “show schedule” until next month, so until the 1st of the month, Ill be basically kicking it online for a half hour…might have a guest or two…

…might not…

Either way, Ill be back to bringing the listeners the topics that I can truly speak on! I tend to do a LOT of research about things I find interesting. Im definitely not a sponge for knowledge, Im more like a mop dunked in a bucket of water. I will be speaking on things that make MY brain tick. And if for whatever reason I cannot address a certain topic properly or throughly, I will make sure to invite someone on the show who will deliver the message BEAUTIFULLY!!! Like my friend:

Dr. James Palmer

So, yeah…kinda excited…Im thing about topics for the show as I type this!!! I need to go activate on those things before I forget and make things harder for myself. But before I leave, I want Ü to check out last evenings show and tell me what type of pie Ü like!!!

FRESHH Radio: Like I Never Left! #WhatIBeenOnLately

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