Figuring It Out

by NÜK

I sit here writing this with a clear view on where I am.
If Ü follow this blog regularly, it is pretty obvious that I speak of change…often!
Finally, after reaching a clearing in the brush, I can begin to focus on focusing.
Upon this quick breather I am able to…breathe…and appreciate…

The first thoughts that cross my mind are how nothing is where I want to be.
Struggles that have come before me have shaped and prepared me for this.
Even at this point, my certainty is nothing more than a few maybes and what if’s.
Knowing that bit of information is keeping me sane and level headed.

Rolling into a new situation has been a tougher challenge than I thought.
Breaking old habits and letting them go is harder than sperm whales on viagra.
Ahead of me lies the place that I would like to dwell for the rest of this life…
Figuring out how to get there has been a life long journey!

Making sure that I stay there is going to be just as difficult.