The Closed Minds Eye

by NÜK

Lately, the information circulating the planet has been opening up some questions that I personally have very little answers for…might not ever get the answers either. I will say though, these are some super exciting times that we are living in! The next decade is going to provide us with a deeper understanding of our place in this life. Only for those who are awake and aware of the impending changes upon us.

I get pretty deep into this type of thing for real! I tend to stare into the night sky, often times for hours, looking at the planets and stars. I think I have sometime of “Mothership” in my backyard sky as well….I know its NOT a star! I HAVE seen a “UFO” a few times before, most notably while I was in Sacramento, Ca. I believe and am hyper positive that a few crafts have been reversed engineered and are in active flight around the globe. Ü can think and believe otherwise, but they MUST have a grand reason for sending probes, cameras, satellites, unmanned/manned missions to distant planets, etc.

The biggest factor of all is that we have not been told what is “real”. Our reality has been defined based on the perceptions of those that are “in power”. Even though I have become privy in certain lines of thinking and information, I can only speculate about what is truly going on behind closed doors. One thing that I DO know, there are people who wish to see us ALL dead. We are living in “The Last Days” that are spoken of in that book about that one guy. There ARE people who KNOW what is going on!

Don’t be a sheep…
Don’t count sheep either!