Unusual Business

by NÜK

The new month has been bring me new feelings! I want to make moves towards being the best that I can be on ALL aspects of my life, even the professional! My journey is never-ending…much like the concept of business…

As I write these words, I have been “unemployed” for roughly 40 days. Not only does this state of cash flow stoppage put a grand damper on my personal plans, my businesses have not been able to thrive in a forward motion. They are being kept afloat by those that truly support what I am doing. But I want to offer MORE than I am currently capable of providing.

Which boils down to finding funding for financing future frontiers! I HAVE been looking for “jobs”, yet, some people don’t want me to be a part of their teams. Even though it has been a highly discouraging and humbling experience, I have not let that deter me from the goals that are ahead of me! The object is to CREATE a “job” for myself in order to fund the passions that I choose to pursue. I have learned early in Life that those who are in a position to help Ü, won’t do so if it could potential put Ü above them.

Instead of finding a “job” I should start focusing on finding people who could use services that I can provide from my personal, professional and romantic experiences! Being able to help people to the best of MY personal abilities would make me a viable AND valuable person to be in contact with. Self evaluation is the next step to find the GRANDEST of clientele that would LOVE to compensate me for my skills and abilities. Its like an application in reverse!

If Ü need me, I’ll be creating an “opportunity” out of this!