The Fuel of Expression

by NÜK

The mind and body are connected to the FULLEST! When the body is at its fittest, the mind can focus on something other than maintenance/ordering the body. Maybe even the opposite is true also, although I doubt it. I don’t think that feeding the mental will allow for the body to feel refreshed and powerful. I truly feel that one would have to “put in the work” in order to “see the results” when it comes to works of the body. But one aspect of a fit body is having an active and functioning mind.

Lately, I have been stagnate in SO many ways that I can physically see myself deteriorating. Although productive in other ways, I have not spent the valuable time needed to make sure my body is functioning properly. I tend to constantly eat better than the average person and I drink PLENTY of water daily, but that doesn’t do a thing for my energy levels. While in the studio recently, I found that this particular song lacked a certain “sound Im looking for” after listening to it a few times. Im going to blame that on my energy level…

In short, I have to begin a journey that will take me where I want to be on ALL levels! The thing that must be done in the present is to remain focused on the present. I have acquired all of the mental food that I can handle at the moment. I want to share and spread what I have learned! But that damn ittis has set in something SERIOUS!!!