Afrika Bambaataa & Hip Hop Homosexuality

by NÜK

I have been following the story of Africa Bambaataa, allegedly, molesting young men in the 70’s, since it was broken by Troi Torian about 3 weeks ago. This is shocking on a few different levels for me, mainly because I wanted to become a member of The Zulu Nation less than 3 years ago. Depending on who Ü ask, this is also shocking on a cultural level (if Ü consider Hip Hop a culture) based on the implications that there are those in the early beginnings of the Hip Hop Movement that were aware of child molestation and homosexual acts, yet choose to hid those things from the public.

The Zulu Nation has come out and stated that Afrika Bambaataa has not been the leader of the Zulus since around the mid 90’s. The Nation has removed themselves away from this situation as to not mix the intents of The Nation & Bambaatta. In so many words, it has come to light that Bambaatta is homosexual and has not (as of this writing) come out to the public. The biggest factor to all of this is the child molestation accusations. To those that had ANY knowledge of that at ANY time, they should be held accountable for their part.

This whole situation begs me to ask the question:

Who else???

Not to speculate more that what can be easily found through a Google Search, who else is doing things in the dark that they do not wish to come to light? Who else is living a false and fabricated lifestyle based on a grand illusion for the masses?

But does that even matter?

I mean, R. Kelly pissed on an underage girl and video tapped it and he still can sell out a stadium full of women. I guess it depends on how much Ü are liked? People will glance over things they don’t like and see only what tickles their minds eye. But at some point shot needs to STOP and people need to be held accountable for their actions.

Ill be watching to see how this story unfolds and deeper…