The Intellectual Bearings

by NÜK

Bearing: A machine element that constrains relative motion to only the desired motion, and reduces friction between moving parts.

When I think I have thing figured out, only then can I say that shyt is ALL BAD!!! For the longest time I have been fighting with the temptation to make sure I am “being the best” at whatever it is I set forth in attempting. There comes a time when we must sit back and reassess the course we have taken and if that is still that path that we should follow. Looking back down my path I can see why things have been so difficult:

No one has EVER taken this path before me.

The legit FEAR the envelops me and surrounds my soul, is that I will lose control of the one thing that I feel I have. Once I lose that piece of me…

It’s frightening knowing that Ü may never express and be felt
It’s terrifying feeling like Ü are not understood
Losing the grip on the mind Ü once had…
It’s depressing!