Where Will Ü Be When It Happens?

by NÜK

Over the last week there have been NUMEROUS earthquakes that have rocked the planet. Two powerful quakes and more than 230 aftershocks hit Japan and left more than 40 people dead while causing unaccounted damages. Within 4 days of the Japan quakes, a massive earthquake decimated the lives of people in Ecuador killing 270 people and injuring a few thousand. There was another earthquake that happened while I wrote this blog…

Prayer is real y’all…and it works…

I tend to pay attention to things of this nature because I am on this planet that IS alive and active. The things that occur on this blue SPHERE (fuck a flat earth theory) are something that I feel we ALL should beware of. If a animal dies in Africa I think we should know! Its not like people care about the bees until the crops stop growing…

My point is?

The Earth is starting to show signs of extreme activity…especially around what is called ” The Ring of Fire“. This area just so happens to contain Japan, Ecuador, and parts of the West Coast of the United States. There have been talks of the fault line Cascadia giving off signs of activity over the past few months. My thoughts are with those out there that have no clue about the information intros last paragraph.

In closing, I wrote a song about this type of thing…this is nothing more than protocol if Ü ask me. But for those that think this is something other than “odd” or “strange”, be careful over the upcoming months.