Happy To Do It

by NÜK

Just a thought that has been on my mental lately:

Have Ü ever done something that Ü didn’t want to?

I am sure Ü have! The important thing is that we do whatever it is that was asked of us with a smile! The reason why? I personally feel that people react differently towards those that put and keep a grin on their faces. This helps people to be more at ease when that are dealing with us with personal/trusting matters.

Beware of those that pull that tricknology out of the bag and hide fangs behind their lips! There are those walking the planet that have nothing more to do with their time than to fuck your shyt up! The alway do this with a smile. Those are usually the ones closest to Ü that have that power and authority.

Honestly, I have never had any hard feelings toward somebody that has done me wrong in whatever way it may be. The thing I have the biggest issue/problem with is not knowing when to turn that friendly shyt off! In the end…I am growing tired of pretending about certain things…