Why Am I Paying Taxes?

by NÜK

With this being the last week to file taxes here in America, I thought it was kinda interesting that all this information became public recently.

The largest information leak on the planet, The Panama Papers, happened not too long ago. The reveal is said to have TRILLIONS of dollars that have been hidden from the general public. Basically, people in high places of authority have been hiding money and not being taxes for it. Of course there is more to it but my point for writing this is ask:

Why are we paying taxes?

I searched the internet and found this video that best explains what has been happening for DECADES. It kinda pisses me off just knowing that the same people who are in charge of “making things better”, are not only hiding funds from us, but also making things much worse in the process!

Im not going to rant much because truly, I don’t follow politrics like I should to actually REALLY know what is going on and what’s means to me directly.

Just a thought along with a few links of information…