Flint First, Your City Next!

by NÜK


The video above is just a brief overview of the current crisis in Flint, Michigan. My heart goes out to those people who have to walk miles to get a few gallons of water for the day, each and every day. My soul screams for those that have had to drink this shyt for FAR too long. There is just SO much wrong with this situation on SO many different levels.

If Ü have been following this story for any amount of time, the main focal point is that this is happening to poor people in Michigan, which the rich folks are drinking filtered glacier water. Since this has been happening for the past TWO YEARS, it should be noted that Lead Poisoning is TRAGIC! Every since our daughter came into the world, we have had all types of test n shyt about protecting this child…the lead test is one of them. We had leaded paint in this old ass early 1900 house. However, that is NOWHERE as bas as drinking leaded water.

I just wanted to write this so that those in my personal reach of influence would could get my take on what is going to be one of Americas grandest tragedies of this decade. I will be pledging some type of assistance to the cause. Not just because I am from Michigan and feel I need to help my soil land fam bam, more so because this could be happening where I live and I would pray that someone would be able to do the same.