Happy New Year!!!

by NÜK


“That was back in January baby…”

“Where Ü been at brah?”


I want to try something different thing cycle. I wanted to be able to feel like I am starting a new beginning under my own pretenses. Just like a January “New Years Resolution”, I will have to maintain this new momentum throughout this entire “new” year.

The reason I decided to start my New Year today, March 21st 2016, is because today is the first day of Spring. This is the first day the Planet (Northern Hemisphere) goes through the rebirth process. I honestly would like to ride that wave of rebirth with the Earth this year. Even though its cold as fuck, the cycle/process is what I am wanting to experience most.

I have a mission that I am currently on…I’ve been on…

This year though, Ill have the entire planet backing my ever move!!!