My Brothers Keeper

by NÜK

To make a life long story one sentence short:

I have ALWAYS had to take care of my siblings, in one way or another.

I guess that is what happens when Ü are born first? Either way, that has been a part of my life that has been trusted upon me since their births. I won’t go into too many details in this blog, but the bottom line is that I have outgrown that stage of life. Call me a grump or whatever, but at the end of the evening, people make their own choices and are usually left to the after effects of the choices they have made. That is not always the case in my situation.

All in all, I love my position as “Big Brother”! Even though I have been places with all this extra responsibility, I shoulder it pretty decently. But them their are times when that position is compromised to the point that EYE make a decision for those that refuse to for themselves. And yeah, I come off harsh and brash as fuck! Im straight to the point and usually don’t hold my tongue when it comes to emotions of the heart. Over the last decade or so, I have allowed that aspect of my personality to become a dominate force in how I make my choices in this experience. I would rather be by myself than to be around people that make me go against that grain.

Which bring me to my beloved brother. There comes a point in every males life where the bullshyt MUST come to a stop and that one must put away childish actions and become a MAN. I and under the impression that everyone comes to this point in their own time, but that time is NOT on my time. No matter how much I love and have affection for my sibling, I will NOT allow him to put anymore strain than has already been placed upon me. When a person refuses to come clean and free about what they need help with…when that person refuses to use truth as a deodorant…when that person has to ask other people to to ask ME to help HIM…

This is my brother & I love him!

But I gotta draw the line somewhere…right?