The Troubles of The Mind

by NÜK

The world around us all is a product of thought. I truly believe that this “thought” is what keeps us in the condition that we are in. I also believe that there is a force, or power, that is causing us to behave in a certain manner that is inverse to our normal behavior. With those few words being said, there is much we have do do and learn in order for us to have control over our own thoughts.

I might have have said this in a blog before but it is a constant in the back of my mind. While I was on Twitter a few years ago, I remember engaging with a cat that tweeted:

“How much of your day is conscious on your part?”

Basically, how much of your day is based on the actions that YOU wanted to make?

Did Ü WANT to go to work or do Ü NEED to go?
Why are Ü on your phone again?
Has everything Ü set out to accomplish for today been done?
What has been distracting Ü?

These are a few things that I usually think about during the course of a 24 hour period. I have become sickened at some of my actions at times. I honestly wish I were able to do other things and replace my time with that which will fulfill my inert desires. But I can’t stay the fuck off Youtube watching these documentaries and lectures and things of the sort. I would like to do something else, I can feel the strain of looking at a screen constantly. There have been a few times I have looked up from my phone and wondered why the outside was so vivid! Sad I know…

I said these things to bring to light this, without making determined and conscious choices of our own, someone or something will take advantage of that. There are those out here that will truly live off our tears. They would love to purposely piss in our stream of positivity. Don’t let people get away with doing such things toward your essence. It is definitely a challenge! But try…

Ü owe that to yourself.