And Then I Woke Up

by NÜK

I have been in a state of sickness for the past 12 days. I took some “medication” last night and ended up getting some type of stomach thing.  As I type these words, I am in a state of physical pain and discomfort. Even though I feel like death currently, this too shall pass.

In this state, I have been having some of the most interesting dreams. At times, these dreams seem to bend the fabric of my reality. I usually have vivid dreams that I KNOW have some type of significance, I just don’t know how to translate these things.

There have been MANY times that I have dreamed things and have experienced my dreams while walking down the street. Some call this De’JaVu, I think its my psychic powers awakening. Im tryna bend spoons and dodge bullets in the near future!

But then I wake up…

I got this…job thing I have to go to, so I can make this fake ass paper, to buy this fake ass food and live this fake ass life…

I have been learning a lot of new things lately. The goal is to share as much as possible with the time that I have. There is no telling how long this is going to be “reality”.

Things as changing extremely rapidly…