by NÜK

I truly don’t get caught up in the “New Year” mind set. I try to operate under the impression that the “New Year” is not what one might think it is. I might have to write about that one day, but for now, I would like to keep things as simple as possible.

I have noticed that I tend to make things more complicated than should be. I might not be alone in doing that, so I will attempt to make my struggle a bit more transparent. The goals that I am laying out for myself are in order to keep me on track. I tend to make a LOT of outrageous claims that I usually cannot follow through with. I would LOVE to bring a cease to that immediately!!!

So, my mission is to continue to keep it super simple! They call it the KISS Principle. And with that knowledge, hopefully, I will begin changing the world around me in a major way. Alchemy in a way.

I just gotta keep it smooth and steady incline.
You’ll see…