Ever Had Your Ass Kicked???

by NÜK

So I was just sitting here thinking about my life & for some reason I started thinking about all the times I lost in a fight. Contrary to what it seems, Im not a violent person…unless Im pushed to that point.

I have fought the police (and lost)
I have fought family (and still doing so…)
My “friends”…
I have even came to blows with a mothafucka I didnt even know!

I remember there was this dude who came into my mommas house and tried to throw me out the window on a second story building. He later bit me in the chest SO HARD that I still have that tare marks 15 years later. I have no iClue where dude is now…

I guess the point of me trying this is to say that we all have had our ass kicked throughly at least once in our lifetime. And if Ü are reading these words, then I do believe it MIGHT have made Ü a better person in a way that can only be defined by YOU. I can look back on the times my dad used to beat me with that belt!!! I KNOW I am a better human because of those days in my younger ages.

I truly believe I LEARNED a lot from dealing with those that, for whatever reason, wanted to bash my face in with an object. One thing that I have learned and keep with me is the ability to sense a persons intentions (isn’t that called intuition?). I do believe that is one of the many things that keep me safe from situations and people that I truly have no business being around.

If there is ONE thing that I would like for Ü to take from reading this:

Ü win some…Ü loose some…but Ü LIVE…Ü live to fight another day!