The Anger

by NÜK

I got anger issues…to the FULLEST!!!


Knowing that type of information , I tend to keep myself out of situations that would invoke or provoke that particular tendency. Like I have said before, I to “Flashback” on my life. so I can recall certain times when I have…did some things…in a “fit of rage”, more than a few times. But like, thats not a good thing!

I have been making sure that I, not only curb those urges, but also channel my energies into something more positive. I honestly do a grand job at that channeling thing! But truth be told, I have a LOT of pent up rage and frustration that I haven’t been able to express lately.

I found myself taking a short-long walk today. I ended up back at my house but unable to go inside. I didn’t want to lash out ALL of my fury based on something trivial and juvenile. I actually found myself sitting don’t longer than the walk. I got a few thoughts out into the universe directly and now…

I just needed to vent…

Thank Ü for leading me your eyes for a minute!