The Show Must Go On

by NÜK

My online activities have came to an abrupt halt recently. I stopped with the Facebook thing. I don’t do the InstaNosey too much anymore. I do use the TwitShyt every now and then though. But I have been doing other things lately than being on the Interwebs. I mean, I HAVE been on a few social sites, but nothing that I feel is “putting me out there”.

I have not even been trying to do all that lately. Maybe its due to depression? Maybe…but either way, things must change. Even though I feel things must change, I do not want them to go BACK to what they once were. I have been reassessing the goals and objectives in my life in order to make concise advancement in the direction that I choose. Starting “Good Habits” and destroying the old is what I have been aiming for.

Learning from my past trials and errors, I will not be announcing my plans for Intergalactic Recognition & Acknowledgement over the next decade. I be allowing my actions to speak louder than my words from this point further. That seems to be what works best in this realm, why change that formula?

Seeing is believing! That is what I need for Ü to understand during the next phase of my journey. The consistency will be what I aim to provide first. Everything else after that will follow. Until further notice, I appreciate YOU for reading these lines! Call this inexpensive therapy…