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Month: December, 2015


I know it’s not just me

But I try not to fall into the rut of doing the same thing REPETITIVELY on a daily basis!

As I watch the world around me I can see that there are those that are comfortable with being in that place of comfort….

It Cant Be ME!!!

Moving closer to the “New Year” will only bring better things to those that finish off this year properly!!! Some are so quick to jump into something else when they are not finished with the last…closure.

I am TRULY about ONE thing…

…and I know a few thousand ways to get it…

I guess you can say that is that “Change” that I bring!

Like the weather…

…I don’t want to be what I was yesterday…

Predictably Different!



Ever Had Your Ass Kicked???

So I was just sitting here thinking about my life & for some reason I started thinking about all the times I lost in a fight. Contrary to what it seems, Im not a violent person…unless Im pushed to that point.

I have fought the police (and lost)
I have fought family (and still doing so…)
My “friends”…
I have even came to blows with a mothafucka I didnt even know!

I remember there was this dude who came into my mommas house and tried to throw me out the window on a second story building. He later bit me in the chest SO HARD that I still have that tare marks 15 years later. I have no iClue where dude is now…

I guess the point of me trying this is to say that we all have had our ass kicked throughly at least once in our lifetime. And if Ü are reading these words, then I do believe it MIGHT have made Ü a better person in a way that can only be defined by YOU. I can look back on the times my dad used to beat me with that belt!!! I KNOW I am a better human because of those days in my younger ages.

I truly believe I LEARNED a lot from dealing with those that, for whatever reason, wanted to bash my face in with an object. One thing that I have learned and keep with me is the ability to sense a persons intentions (isn’t that called intuition?). I do believe that is one of the many things that keep me safe from situations and people that I truly have no business being around.

If there is ONE thing that I would like for Ü to take from reading this:

Ü win some…Ü loose some…but Ü LIVE…Ü live to fight another day!



Same Shyt….New Year…. #Throwback*

I honestly don’t even know how to to begin this piece…

I promise the new year started off with a murder.

And then  another one…

That actually leads me to believe that people really don’t appreciate this New Year. Or anything else for that matter. So….yeah….

I for one plan on being a bit different this year. I won’t even do it for my musics sake….Im doing it for the people who actually LISTEN to the words I say in my music. I feel that certain things I have said are worth hearing. People WANT to listen to it.

I will also try to give myself more face time on Youtube. Im not truly comfortable in front of cameras…never have been. But I feel that instead of making winded blogs that FEW will read, I can present them in video form.


Yea….I have more to say…but in an effort of being brief, I will stop right here & say enjoy the rest of YOUR week & don’t forget to pray.

*kool aid smiles & cracked my dry ass lips*


*This post was written 4 years ago

The Anger

I got anger issues…to the FULLEST!!!


Knowing that type of information , I tend to keep myself out of situations that would invoke or provoke that particular tendency. Like I have said before, I to “Flashback” on my life. so I can recall certain times when I have…did some things…in a “fit of rage”, more than a few times. But like, thats not a good thing!

I have been making sure that I, not only curb those urges, but also channel my energies into something more positive. I honestly do a grand job at that channeling thing! But truth be told, I have a LOT of pent up rage and frustration that I haven’t been able to express lately.

I found myself taking a short-long walk today. I ended up back at my house but unable to go inside. I didn’t want to lash out ALL of my fury based on something trivial and juvenile. I actually found myself sitting don’t longer than the walk. I got a few thoughts out into the universe directly and now…

I just needed to vent…

Thank Ü for leading me your eyes for a minute!


Programmed by the Past

I have been giving a LOT of thought towards the moments of my past.

There was a point in time when I used to walk around in a circle, talking to myself about how I got “HERE”! Step by step…I methodically trace my steps back how I remember them. Once I get to where I stand, I go forth into the future that I choose.

I try to stay away from the “what if I did this differently” train of thought. I feel that there is nothing I can do about it now so…I do reflect on what I CAN do. I try to make those changes in my life…

If I go back far enough, I can actually witness some similar moments that lightweight parallel times currently. Its like Time Traveling in a way. I go back, attempt to learn from my mistakes in the past, go Back To The Future & try to do it correctly!

At least thats how I see it…

In the end, I find that being in the past truly makes me reflect on my childhood as an Adult. I have come to the point where I currently have children of my own. Even though they might never lead the lifestyle I once have, they have a future that I do not know. How would one go about not repeating the same mistakes that continue to be repeated? Is there actually a way to “break the cycle”?

Sometimes I sit back and think about the things that I have never experienced, based on how I experienced this experience. Some of them  have provided me with…good stories! And seeing as to how I do not live that same live as the next, I figured I might as well share some of them with Ü! As Ü time travel with me, Ill be able to make sure Im making the right next move.

Only Time will tell…



The biggest approach to becoming a new individual is to began to do new and different thing than one might currently be used to doing. Habit building is a skill that most people already have and use daily! Me personally, the habits I want to start building are the ones that I have been cultivating for the longest of time! But consistency has always been one of my biggest downfalls…

While going through this transformation, I am sure the first few phases will be a struggle. But the determination of an end objective is what will encourage the soul & train the brain to move the body! Truly, I feel that the efforts put into this new-newness will be well worth the turmoil that I will put myself through!!!



A Lament for Lamont

The middle of October I found out my uncle passed away from a heart attack…

So, Im financially FUCKED!!! I just left Michigan a few weeks prior for my cousins funeral…he was shot in the head. I called my mother, who put me on the phone with her mother, who then told me the unexpected news. I was…more than hurt…I JUST seen him at the other funeral!

Now Im weighing my travel  options…
Can I afford to shoot this move???

I was on the Highway with the iPod on shuffle getting my car karaoke on when a song came on…

I cried.

I know I won’t be able to see the flesh of this mans soul for the last time…

“An carrying’ on!!!” – Lamont Smith


Lamont Smith Obituary

The Show Must Go On

My online activities have came to an abrupt halt recently. I stopped with the Facebook thing. I don’t do the InstaNosey too much anymore. I do use the TwitShyt every now and then though. But I have been doing other things lately than being on the Interwebs. I mean, I HAVE been on a few social sites, but nothing that I feel is “putting me out there”.

I have not even been trying to do all that lately. Maybe its due to depression? Maybe…but either way, things must change. Even though I feel things must change, I do not want them to go BACK to what they once were. I have been reassessing the goals and objectives in my life in order to make concise advancement in the direction that I choose. Starting “Good Habits” and destroying the old is what I have been aiming for.

Learning from my past trials and errors, I will not be announcing my plans for Intergalactic Recognition & Acknowledgement over the next decade. I be allowing my actions to speak louder than my words from this point further. That seems to be what works best in this realm, why change that formula?

Seeing is believing! That is what I need for Ü to understand during the next phase of my journey. The consistency will be what I aim to provide first. Everything else after that will follow. Until further notice, I appreciate YOU for reading these lines! Call this inexpensive therapy…