The Souls Search

by NÜK

So here I am, contemplating The Universe again…

I do believe that every one of us get to a point where we want a “Change” to occur in our life. Something that can be considered a turning point in the fabric of Time. While most of us may wish or hope that these points be blessed upon us, others are actively seeking to shape the world around them. I was NOT one of those people…

Currently, my perspective on what IS and what is not can not be wavered. I have seen the darkness and have allowed it to consume the light in my life in the past. I know there is the blessed success I have stressed these last few decades! I have allowed depression and regression to shape the way I operate this realm of infinite possibilities. Lately, my stresses have vanished and I have attempted to replace them with….something….

I’m getting that itch…


Artist: LD Grant

Artist: LD Grant