The Way Things Are

by NÜK

I truly can’t change the way the Earth cycles.
Believe me, I have seriously contemplated it!

The last few days have been amazing in one way or another, but yet, I still feel that something is missing. I due tend to over compensate for certain things that are missing in my life, but even then I don’t ponder to deeply about the things I can’t change. But I have been taking a LOT of time to focus on the things that I CAN change.

My current situation is leaving me to believe that there IS more on the horizon for my family. The next course of action is the build a “plan of action” in order to better guide us in this journey up ahead. The things that are stopping me from going further is my approach to my surroundings and the people in them. Even when it come to the internet, I need to figure out the BEST approach to using it to MY advantage and not just to somehow use it to “speed my success”.

I will do my damn best to make sure that I remain on the path that I am building! I have been working TOO hard this past decade! I WILL actualize the realities of my dreams!