The Life We Lead

by NÜK

Dynamic shifts can occur within an INSTANT! My time in Pittsburgh is a testament to that statement…

I find myself in a similar crossroad of choices to make.
I’ve made some difficult choices for other people recently.
Something MUST be done in order to contain with little sanity is left in the mental.
How important is YOUR state of well being in the presence of others?

Now, personally, I have came to a point where I must make a one of my STRONGEST power moves in order to better grasp my experience and mold it into what I believe is fitting for having a functioning reality. My current focus is consistency. The plan is to continue to bring what I am known for bringing:


In order to inner-stand where I am coming from over the next few months, the goal is to make sure that what is being read, matches what I have envisioned for my surroundings. These writings will be like Jellybeans in the forest of my life! A trail to follow upon if I were to lose my way, train of thought, or sense of direction towards what I can see from my soul. But first, a funeral and a reunion…