by NÜK

I look back over these last few months and I almost want to slap the thoughts out my mental.

I have been wanting to write about MAJORITY of the things that have put my family through, but I honestly do not have the time to relay those experiences currently. I WILL say that I am done with a LOT of nouns in my personal surroundings. Taking care of the home front is what matters most at this time. I have generations ahead and behind me that are “waiting on me”.

Pressure is what makes diamonds right???
Even though I do not like those things, it is the process that matters most.
The process that we are going through presently is a personal one.
A cluster is a combination of of similar things working together…

I be rambling sometimes
I DO know that I am in a happy place right now! But that does not mean that I am happy. The next step is to clear my name of the stains I have recently acquired. I might really have to start making Youtube videos shortly…

Back to the mud…