And The I said Fuck It…

Real quick before I have to make this hour long pilgrimage to make these nickels:

I have been meaning to get back on my writings for a LONG time now. Being that I “want to make an impact” with people who do’t even know me, I have over strained and stressed myself about this that only TRULY matter to ME. Even though there are those around me that have grand intentions, it still boils down to “What I eat, doesn’t make Ü shyt”.

I appreciate those that have gone out of their way to embrace The Young Man! I truly don’t know what it would be like doing what I love without the appreciation I have been getting these last few years. It is not very often that I can sit back and say I have touched and affected people, in one way or another. But it has been a LONG time since I have touched myself ( in both ways ).

And then DMX gets arrested for child support…

I have taken a HUGE blow on many levels by that happening on SUCH a short notice. It has put me in a state of reflection and re-direction. I KNOW things we be “greater later”, but that does not change my NOW. Presently, I am no longer amused by the antics that I see privy to social media. And even worse, the antics and attitudes of the people before the profile pictures. I have started to see the boundary lines diminish rapidly. The respect level that some people have is at an all time low. I will NOT tolerate that shyt!!!

So, if for whatever reason Ü are able to read this, I would like to take this time to advise Ü that I am starting to give a fuck more! Which means, with all due respect, I could careless what makes me favorable in YOUR eyes & mind. This has given me the ability to control MY world and environment. With as many times as I have said “I don’t give a fuck” about certain situations, it turns out that I do. And now, I have to start giving a fuck about myself before anything else that I believe matters to another person not living this life that I lead.