“Had to take a break! Get my life straight…” – @NUKnoE

by NÜK

Last August, I took a break from creating “new” music. After completing my Ep “Sketches vol.2: #Unbalanced”, I turned my focus on my family. Call it the new baby adjustment phase!

Currently, after a LONG journey of experiences and new endeavors, I feel comfortable “doing me” again. I posted a video on Instagram the other day of my daughter dancing to me freestyling and listening to instrumentals. I think it is safe to say that she LOVES music and I can now let the bass vibrate her to sleep.

For whatever reasons that it may be, I have pulled myself away from writing to my audience. I wish I could give a PROPER explanation, but I can’t – so look at this puppy!

My mission is to re-write my life, give me light in a fight for whats right, all the while, CONTINUOSLY delivering what I am known to give. I am even making efforts to do things that I have not done before. There might even be a push to polish the gold that I have laying around in the attic of my musical mansion. It all starts by taking the first step into what is called “productivity” and “organization”.

So to all who may have been wondering where I may have been hiding at with these blogs:

I’m just tryna get my life right….