Dream Seller #PersonalityTraits

by NÜK

Wisdom within wickedly written wordplay.

Who would have honestly began to imagine that the power to mold a person begins with the words spoken to them. I can understand how the “rush of the moment” has a tendency to mesh misplaced emotions with mismatched phrases. Even between the emotional wear and tear, there is very little positive reinforcement to replace or reassure perpetual emotional  growth. Despite dark days during dramatic theatrics, the difference is present ever so clearly.

Without wasting precious and calculated energy, one must be able to navigate the mental mind-field and tap the core of pureness within each fiber of the physical body. Making sure each breath has the capacity to uplift is a major challenge, one that must be taken with seriousness. Every thought must be PRE-thought before being actualized or manifested by the mouth. The initial thought is only to put the soul in motion.

Going forward through LIFE…

I must take the time needed to study personal relationship building, along with working on building myself in a proper space that can best accommodate the people that I love. Being more open to the idea of change is something I have always been a fan of! But just being “open” is not enough anymore. I need to take the first step in a 10 mile threshold crossing into change. I only know what I can do for myself during this journey and even so, I have a grand feeling that my actions will resonate as ripples in a pond long after I am gone.