Free Merchandise!!! #FanAppreciation

by NÜK

Last year I opened up for the Ying Yang Twins in Pittsburgh, PA. It was a GRAND SHOW!!! I had one of the best crowd interactions I’ve had in a while! Out of the like, 40 minutes that I was on stage, I performed seven songs. At the end of my song Hoopty, this female asks me for my bandana. I declined politely

I called Chief Cannon on stage for the next song, and THIS happens! Maybe Ü can tell from the video that I was NOT trying to let that bandana go!!! I have my reasonings that I will explain a bit later in this post, but Cannon fought me for that thing!!! I was trying to tell him that I NEEDED it, he did’t care, I let it go, and the show continued for like 3 more songs.

Upon Cannon leaving the stage, he started to interact with the female he gave my bandana to…they took pictures n shyt….danced…mingled…while I continued with the show. After like 10 more minutes on stage with the hot lights and body heat, the sweat began to POUR down my face. So much so that I could NOT see a THING in front of me!

At about the 5 second mark in this video, Ü can see me reaching out with a plea for help! I was in a desperate need! My eyes were on FIRE!!! I literally thought I was gonna cry on stage!!! The pain made me slow down and pace the rest of the song. After the song ended I had to take off my shirt. Not for the sex appeal aspect or to show off my man figure, but to wipe to the liquid salt from my face that had begun eroding my eyelids. Then I began the next and final song…

At the one minute mark in this video, Ü can see Chief Cannon & the female taking pictures and dancing n shyt.

When I touched the dance floor to look for her to give her a CD for her troubles and efforts, she evaporated!!! I never seen her after that and she never came to see me. I reflect on this moment a lot actually. I like to think about all the things that could have been different. What could I have done to make a more effective connection with people who I might evaporate on me again???

Which leads me to the moral of the story:

I need at least TWO sweat rags from now on!!!


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