Bad Memory Lane #NeverForget

by NÜK

I was showing my Queen my “Archive of Ancient Achievements” not to long ago and she almost cussed me out! She was truly tripping off of all the Music, Pictures, Videos and Memorabilia that I have laying around. She calls me a hoarder!!! I don’t believe I am that bad…but its bad…

After a LOT of explaining and convincing, I have agreed to start blogging about my past on Thursdays. I will include with the story the video, picture or song that the “Throwback” will be about. I will give as much detail that I can regarding the situation, place, time/period & the relevant people.

This ideal behind bringing my dark & shrouded past to the light just might help me keep active posts on this blog! I got HELLA stories about MULTIPLE different times in my life where I just so happened to have been in a situation that made me the person I am today. I tend to be a VERY private person as well. These stories will be of a caliber of rawness that Ü might not ever read again in yo LIFE son!!! The visual that will accompany the words will be to give Ü a deeper ( sometimes ) insight behind what I was thinking & what might have been going on at that captured moment.

In my next post, I will explain the thoughts going on in my mental as I was moving through Time & Space while reciting the ghetto gospel given to me from the Heavens all while keeping perfect harmony and rhythm within the moment!!!

*takes a breath*

Brace your self…